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Parenting is both a delight and a challenge, as well as an interesting way of studying the evolution of relationships.

K has a friend across the street. She's older than K, but again I'm seeing the same dramatic swings of love/hate, dominance/submission with this girl that I watched with her other friends all the way back to her first day care. Let's see if I can record them right.

There was Patrick - who regularly pushed her off the fire truck but was the ONLY person she wanted to invite to her birthday party. That was the reptile party, not sure if that was her 3rd or 4th party. 4th I believe.

There was Carley - who was alternately mean to her (by K's statements) and K worshipped the ground she walked on. I still hear about the things Carley has taught her.

There is Rowan - these two trade off with who's in charge in their relationship and who calls the shots. Sometimes one of them will storm off in a huff, and they have to play separately for a bit. Generally they work things out but man, the DRAMA!!

Now there is B - across the street. On the blackboard, from Thursday and it's attendant drama , is "I HATE B****".
B was with us from after school friday to after 5:00pm and there was no problem! They played well.
I discussed with B's mother today, looking after K when I go back to work and K was THRILLED.
Today she was very excited to go over and spend time with her. After about an hour and a bit, she came STORMING back with tales of how she "didn't want to be in that situation" and "so I left". There were bits of the other girl "told me to leave" and a myriad of arguements. As she talked, the story changed.
I told her friendships are hard and it's ok if they need a break right now. She said "I hate her' and took the christmas card she had JUST written and hid it, saying "she may never get it."

About 15 min later, my phone rang. B called to talk to K. K took the phone upstairs and came back down with the card saying she was going over to B's house "RIGHT NOW, cause she had to eat 5 muffins and B had to eat 5 muffins". I told her that was fine.

These two children have STRONG personalities, and very different strengths for independance, time management and have clearly been parented differently. They grate on each other at times, but sometimes can't stand to be apart. They are both basically only children and seek companionship, comfort and challenge from each other.

I can't help but sometimes be reminded by what I remember of my own friendships of childhood, and even the relationships I have today at times. Learning to assert yourself, negotiate boundaries, and share stregnths is a difficult thing in any relationship.
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It's grey out.

K has had a friend over from noon to 3pm. He's a sweet little boy, and they played very well. Lots of time with the eye toy and a few card games and board games. He even admired her doll house (MY dollhouse).

We have discussed possible options for the day, like a certain housewarming, and she has calmly informed me that she'd like a home day.

I'm pretty good with that. It appears to be raining, and my mood is shifting gears very very quickly. I'm also contemplating a project, and laying down ideas and structures in my head.

I have a couple new movies to watch on my computer that she may enjoy, so a home evening it is.

I probably won't bother with the Tabouleh and will come up with a different plan.

Tomorrow is a trip to TO for dinner with a friend, and hopefully some hang out/planning time with k_calypso as well before we leave. We'll see what the day brings.

Hope those who are wandering and socializing have a grand time, and know my best wishes are with you!!
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I have been to someone's house sometime in the last 2 weeks and have left behind my rocket fish. A rocket fish is a handsfree phone device, kind of like a bluetooth.

I recall stating "I don't need this on" and removing it. I believe I set it down. I have zero recollection of who's home that was, or when it was, or where I might have set it.

PLEASE, if I've been to your place, take a look around and see if you have something that looks like an ear piece skulling about the place!! If you do, call me and I'll come and retrieve it.

thank you. Back to your regularly scheduled program.
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So, Spartakin is finally driving me crazy. Time to cut his nuts off.

I contacted 4 different veternarians today. Prices for Neuter & Declaw ranged from 301.50 to 550. plus an initial visit for vaccinations of almost 100.00.

So, 2 visits, and on average about 500.00 total.

The 4th vet I called, gave me a 1 visit quote for vaccinations, neuter and declaw with a total of 390.00.

Would someone PLEASE explain to me how this works. Oh and the place that tried the pressure sales tactic...seriously....stay away from Lincoln Village!!!

Little, mean Spartakin has an appointment to lose his boy parts and pointy bits on Monday. Anyone wanna take a drive to New Hamburg?


Oct. 9th, 2009 08:53 am
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Headed out of town for Thanksgiving.

Wondering why today's planned "bombing of the moon", hasn't gotten mre media coverage.

Good company for the trip to Guelph, sorry I had to bail on getting her all the way home!! *blush*

Have a good weekend all!!!

In need of

Sep. 22nd, 2009 09:32 pm
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a babysitter, HERE, Thursday evening from 6:30 tp 9pm.

Please call me if interested or available, preferably both!! :)
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about connecting with a new therapist is you have to "tell them about yourself".

Sometimes that means rehashing old stuff, with a new perspective. Sometimes it means remembering old things you had forgotten.

It is always interesting to note what the therapist sees as noteworthy about your choices in life. To hear, and ponder the questions they ask.

One more step on a new journey.


Sep. 4th, 2009 02:23 pm
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have this person who's utter stupidity annoys me.

I have decent tolerance sometimes, and other times I just want to shoot them.
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Well, didn't end up going to Lakefield to help with the puppies...
But due to clear weekends, got some company and adventures and help anyway.

[ profile] nobodyhere came over with her wee one, and we spend the weekend.  Friday night, I still have to go back to Guelph to work, so dropped her off at the dog park and after I was done, we went for Pho...always a good thing.

Back here, it was fun watching Spatakin try to decide what to make of the big four legged beast in his house.  I discovered that having a dog visit is good motivation for finding the random thinks skullling about on the floor and dealing with them!

Sat morning, was a nice long walk, naps, and clearing bookcases.  As well as replacing the innards on the toilet of problems again.  When that didn't fix the problem, took some stuff to VV and stopped to talk to plumbing type people.  The dye trick was suggested ot see if the porcelin is cracked, as I've done everything else they could suggest!.!!

Then it was an impromptu dinner party at the boys place, another drive full of True Blod for me, another sneak peek at another jawdropping tv series to be highly amused and offended at, and a watching of Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog.

This morning, was walkies, moving bookcases, rebuilding the deacon's bench, and getting [ profile] nobodyhere home.

Spartakin clearly missed her companion.  She has curled up on his "blankie" for a nap.  I've had a nap, and now to tackle more pieces of the to do list before the kidlet is back underfoot early cause her papa ha been called into work.!!
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Friend from Lakefield is out of town.
His mother just got admitted to hospital.

No family in the area.

TOO many dogs (breeders)

Looks like I"m headed up North for the weekend...anyone wanna come play with puppies?


Aug. 20th, 2009 05:40 pm
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presuming I don't get distracted with a sailing option!!

1.  Take down shelving unit over upstairs toilet
2.  Replace innard again (if this doesn't solve problem, research replacement of said toilet)
3.  Move bookcase from Garage to office
4.  Install humidifier so it drains into sump pump drain
5.  Break down boxes in garage so I can park the car in there again
6.  take book case from my room to the basement
7.  Install new handle on fence gate
8.  Install shelves on the Living Room wall
9.  Do some yard work
10.  Put the mats under the washing machine so it will stop moving

That's a lot of stuff.  I am hoping to have company / help but we'll see.
If you're available to help out, let me know.  I'll even feed ya!

SHOUTOUT _ [ profile] nobodyhere  do you want my yard compost container?  I don't use it.


Aug. 12th, 2009 09:52 pm
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- had an impromptu dinner party with M & her kids.  Know them because K goes to school with her daughter, and I've been going to church with them...yes...THAT church!!!  ran into them at the grocery store and decided to have dinner together, the company was nice and the conversation lovely, the kids play well together even if they DO NOT pick up after themselves

- so very very tired, talked to the pharmacist, this is a side effect of new meds

- bobbed around on Hamilton Harbour last night on a sailboat.

- couldn't get the heart monitor today....have to call and rebook

- worked from home, and napped a bit....not as productive as I'd have liked

- have to take time off tomorrow afternoon cause we got in for dental appointments on a cancelation

-still crushing on the fire fighter, doubt it's mutual (but that's actually kind of ok with me)

-have too much fresh veggies here, looks like I have to learn how to make stuffed zucchini!

- wanting another vacation

-have to take comp time in August - and get a vacation day back in the bank too!!
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on the bbq last night. And zucchini and peppers.  Had made a trip to the market on the weekend, now have to make sure i eat the stuff.

Made Corn, and some beans as well.  Have both colours.

I'm exhausted.  There must be a conflict in meds.  I am not sleeping.

I'l talk to work today, and call the Dr. as well.

Love it when I don't have to get Kat ready to go anywhere in the morning.

Hoping to get her out onto Lake Ontario on a sailboat, either one night this week, or on the weekend.

Go in tomorrow for the ambulatory heart monitor.

Puttering around the house regularly...have boxes of kid toys and too small little girl clothes to move along.

Framed my university degrees finally. Seeing as I graduated in 1996, I figured it was about time.

Did I mention the tired part!!!

Vacation was spent meting other peoples needs, as per normal, and too much time in the car.  Really have ot learn how to "vacation" better.  The boss is encouraging me to take a deal for Punta Cana with K or some other place south.

Got my caseload down to 18 before I left on the 31st of July.  Most of those I have ongoing recordings to get under control.  That's the plan for Wednesday around my lab appointment, is to work on some of that.

Babysitter should be here soon....ttyl
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Let's see... so many things left unsaid in so many parts of the world... I could make, and perhaps should make separate posts about various aspects of my life but that involves caring about filters ....  These days, I just filter everything that goes out here... Makes for way less drama and mashed fingers/toes.

But here goes the "one size fits most" update.

- is crazy crazy psycho crazy busy.  Sometimes I miss the concept of getting home and actually being DONE the days work.  I'm chronically behind and while I know that's normal for this job, there's times I wish i could feel a sense of a day's closure. 
- colleagues are fun, but a bad influence in some ways
- we are understaffed, again...wait...that's still
- I'm regularly reminded of peoples stupidity
-waiting for a posting to come up, considering a lateral move

- there's a 'get rid of it' box in every room, mostly K's toys and things
-have to walk her dresser drawers to the neighbour for fixing
-situation normal otherwise, though I picked up a dehumidifier for the basement and am AMAZED at how much water it can pull from the air
-want company to work on the garden/yard stuff - hate doing outside by myself

- Spartakin, the kitten, is crazy  - 'nuff said
- Hime hasn't killed him yet - 'nuff said

- my daughter remains the coolest, most exasperating child on the planet, with a BRUTAL sense of humour
- K is away with her dad this week.  while I miss her, I also appreciate the silence

- have a few regular dating partners right now.  Some kinky minded, some not
- one fellow I'm keen on to build something...we'll see where that goes

- not great
- dystolic blood pressure is too high, wearing an ambulatory monitor for 48hrs after I return from vacation
- sleep - sporadic
- smoking - mostly quit..if I'm not around someone smoking, I have no desire for it  ..this is where colleagues become a bad influence

Self -care
- stopped seeing "the capital R" a while back, have been doing my own work...ACOA and otherwise
- assessing, and being assesed for the big BP
-discovered that this earthy sign needs more water time....
- aware that emotional and sexual intimacy are VERY DIFFERENT for me...and working on finding a way to work on that
- reading as much as ever

- that my ex and I can not only deal with each other with respect and courtesy, but even actually LIKE each other a bit still (speaking for myself here of course)
- that I have friends and lovers who want to be part of my world
- my daughter!  IN all her glory and chaos
- my job - despite the stresses and challenges...its a fortunate thing to have and I'm enriched by the people I encounter

The cranks

Jul. 21st, 2009 01:32 pm
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have me in their grips. 

Taking a mental health afternoon and putting my head to bed.

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Last night was full of fail...and resulted in a late night, K in my bed, and too much computer/tv time.

This am, involved making pinwheels (vegetarian) and crab pinwheels (new try) for Christmas in July.  Having breakfast and arguing with my mom over religion.

To do this weekend:

Xmas in July
Buy a dehumidifier
Install pads under the washing machine so I can do laundry,
Buy bday present for M
Vic Park on Sun for her bday party

There's lots of optional, as I always keep my options open!!!

Hope to see you at the Gazebo~~

More Sleep

Jul. 14th, 2009 06:22 am
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I crashed at 10:30.

Work at 5:30.

Feel rested.  Bed is not a mess which means I didn't toss and turn all night.

Time to shower and face the day!


Jul. 13th, 2009 11:56 am
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I haven't slept that long in a long time.

Woke up sore, achey and immobile at 6:00am.  Called the office.  NOT coming in.  Slept.  talked to client, not coming in...slept.Let in babysitter at 8am.  Slept.  Told co-worker on cell phone to go away.  Slept.

Got up after 11.  STILL slow to move (which generally means the meds are moving in the system)...the rest of the day is going to be slow and steady.  Food, shower.  Laundry.  Probably some work stuff.
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1.  So very tired all the time right now...some sleep issues, mostly just needing more balance between the resources I put into my work and what I require to function out of there!

2.  Overworked - too many files, too much mentoring others, not near enough hours in a day

3.  Keeping my head above water, most of time, when it comes to home maintenance stuff....currently seeking advice on the purchase of dehumidifier, any experts willing to throw in a couple cents!

4.  K is LOVING Bulldog Interactive Fitness Camp for kids.  Even if she comes home regularly bumped and bruised!

5.  Still keeping my romantic life complicated.  Though there's a new interest on the horizon, in Hamilton of all places!!

6.  Missing time with friends, but have limited spoons anyway. 

7.  Spartakin (otherwise known as snotbag, or hellcat) truly thinks he should be an outdoor kitty or at least be able to gnaw through my arm...especially at 2:30am

8.  I remain confident in my own conversations with god.

9.  K has her own email.  If you want to sent her message, let me know and I'll put you on her contact list!  We'll work on her "blog" next.

10.  I like double digits
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Wanted:  Employment Opportunities

Skills:  Management and Information Technology

Experienced in:  Project Management, Software Testing and Implementation, Software Development and Development Lifecycle

Interested in positions in South Western Ontario

Please comment with any suggestions and I will connect the appropriate parties.


P.S.  SHOUT OUT - PLEASE CROSS POST TO YOUR FRIENDS LIST, I have a limited bandwidth from this account.  THANK YOU!!!


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