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Warning... this is rambling...and possibly directionless.

Rob @ the Gig said that sexuality is God's gift to us to share with our lifelong chosen partner. He pushes monogamy, says it is what Christ talks to us about.

I don't think much about what Christ had to say. When the Catholic church annulled my mother's marriage, I no longer existed so I eliminated the middle man and deal with God/Goddess/Spirit/Universe on a one-to-one basis.

Love is meant to be shared. Many people will only allow themselves to feel "loved" in a sexual context. I've met people for whom unconditional, unquestioning and open-hearted love is only something they can experience in the throes of pain. We all contain some aspect of broken sexuality.

In Conversations with God, I read that "Sex is an extraordinary expression of love_ love of another, love of Self, love of life." "The central question in ANY decision is, "what would love do now?" Love for YOURSELF, and love for all others who are affected or involved."

And more "failure to express negative feelings does not make them go away; it keeps them in. Negativity "kept in" harms the body and burdens the soul." and finally, for now "Needing someone is the fastest way to kill a relationship."

An old soul once told me, when I was looking into Wicca for a time, that I'm not here for that this time around. She told me "you are here to heal others, this time. You don't need this to do that." I never went back to that Wiccan meeting, and I'd forgotten all about that until the Gig the other day. I heard a lady say to her partner "I see the you that God meant you to be, the one he created, before your parents and your life and your walls and hurts all happened. I see through that to the you that God made." That was a very real statement to me, and as I look around, I wonder if I often see that in other people.

I have clients that say "I wasn't going to tell you that, you have something, I just start talking to you and telling you things that I KNOW I shouldn't tell you." I'm here to heal people. That floats around in my head a lot.

I know I've done harm to people. I have faith that I do less NOW than I have in the past, as I've become more aware of when I'm working from a space of fear rather then a space of love. I'm learning to check in on myself...and with others when there's a "twinge" of something that feels like I might not have understood it well.

I'm surrounded by people who choose love as a way to live their live. They approach the world and other people from a space of curiousity and desire to learn, to grow. I feel out of my depth many many times, but they are content enough to allow me to float sometimes which helps. God/dess bless them.

This is rambling and unfiltered... and...just the skimming of the top of the thinky thoughts in my head.

Uh huh...

Jun. 21st, 2007 01:15 am
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Just finished reading the Te of Piglet.

Good read. Enjoyed it. Lots of thought brewing.
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I've been up since 4. It was like I heard someone SHOUTING my name. I couldn't settle so 15 minutes later I logged into chat.

It's now 10 minutes to 9 and I've been talking to BFHS for almost 5 hours. ...damn man always could get my attention.

Check out my horroscope for today...
Lively Social Activities
You may be feeling uplifted by the possibilities of all the social activities available to you today, which could make you feel lively and excited. As you gather your friends to share in the fun, you may feel that the world is one big party and that all in attendance are friends. This outgoing sense of connection puts you at ease in any surrounding and allows you to share your joy with anyone in the vicinity. In truth, your positive energy ripples out into the world, affecting everything and everyone and tipping the balance of the world’s energy toward the positive. It may be difficult to imagine that a party in our neighborhood for no particular higher purpose can have a positive effect on world peace, but it creates an atmosphere of acceptance and camaraderie that uplifts those involved. Their positive energy ripples and joins yours as they enter the atmosphere. By socializing and enjoying life today, you uplift others as you share your light.

Another positive outcome of social gatherings is the forging and strengthening of a sense of connection between strangers. When we are having fun, we are more likely to let down our walls and overlook arbitrary social divisions. As we melt into one group of people sharing a common desire for joy and peace, a vision is planted in our hearts and minds, making it easier for us to envision a world at peace. Being outgoing today is a joyful way to create unity in the world.

Uh huh...ok Universe...this is me...along for the ride.


Mar. 17th, 2007 05:29 am
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March 17, 2007

Honest Intimacy
Virgo Daily Horoscope

A desire for intimacy today may find you trusting your loved one enough to open
yourself to a deeper and more honest relationship experience. When we take the
chance to share our private selves with a special someone and are met with
acceptance, it can intensify our romantic feelings and create a stronger bond.
Though society often talks of intimacy as purely physical, true intimacy
involves revealing our hearts and souls as well. To know each other intimately
means to have profound understanding of the most personal and private aspects of
one another’s being. It means to know not just the personality that the world
sees but the innermost thoughts, fears, and dreams that motivate the choices
your partner makes. By following your desire for intimacy today, you are
connecting with a loved one on a soul-to-soul basis.

The unfolding of intimacy in the early stages of a relationship can be deeply
moving. But levels of intimacy grow over time, throughout the lifetime of a
partnership. We can only express so much of ourselves in words, and it can be
difficult to be completely honest with ourselves, so the information we give our
partner is limited to what we ourselves understand. But over time mannerisms and
actions reveal more to our partner than perhaps we ever knew about ourselves.
This is how relationships reflect us back to ourselves and help us grow. By
opening yourself up to this experience today, you are embracing intimacy—one of
life's deepest and most profound feelings.
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or just a rising awareness?

I'm seeing connections, and patterns that indicate a raising of consciousness about so many things. I'm not even sure I can label it, but it's everywhere...

1. Shift your perspective
2. Accept responsibility
3. You create your own reality
4. Be vulnerable


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