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Jul. 3rd, 2007 07:39 am
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It was almost 11pm when we got in last night.  NOTE to self, do NOT drive on the Holiday Monday of the Canada Day long weekend!!!

Quick notes from our weekend...

Kat got eat alive mosquitos and has bites ALL over her face **(and currently REFUSES to wake up)

I broke my baby toe

My Grandpa et al cleaned the corrosion off my car battery

I worked...

I found more pieces of who I need to remember

Discovered a whole new level to the definition of "awkward"

Found a space of contentedness
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June 29, 2007

Capturing The Thrill
Do What Excites You

Each human life has the potential to be dramatic, thrilling, and awe-inspiring. Our lives are, in truth, ours to design. Each day, we make choices that influence the character of our experiences, and our decisions determine whether our paths are rousing or tedious, breathtaking or tiresome. We can create an exciting life by simply doing what excites us whenever the opportunity presents itself. Your passions may ebb and flow, and what excites you one year may not excite you the next, but when you make excitement a regular part of your existence, life becomes more fun and more fulfilling.

If you are somebody that tends to live practically, excitement may overwhelm you at first. To ease the anxiety that prevents you from incorporating all that you find exciting into your life, acknowledge that you are alive right now in this time and every moment matters. When you choose to do more of what excites you, even if your choices requires you to make certain sacrifices, your daily life will soon be imbued with exhilaration, pleasure, and optimistic anticipation.

To understand what excites you, you may need to observe and ponder your reaction to the activities, events, circumstances, and concepts that make up your life. What makes your pulse race, what makes you want to get out of your chair and take action? Try to avoid getting too wrapped up in life’s details; their tedium may cause you to plod through your existence unaware of prospective excitement. Once you have created a substantial list of what excites you, find ways to integrate each item into your routine. You will soon find yourself riding a wave of excitement that lifts you up and makes life truly worth living. What excites you in your life?
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WOW... what a huge crowd. I could not believe the numbers of people.

I parked up at York Mills and took the subway straight down Younge St. to Wellesley which put me right near the hostess's home for the day.

I finally met [ profile] mama_de_rose and her kidlet face to face. I had hoped the two 5 yr olds would hit it off but there was a language and interests barrier apparantly. K spent a fair portion of the day watching "TREEHOUSE" and only looking at the parade if I called her attention to something cool or beautiful, until towards the end when she snuggled on my lap and watched for [ profile] curgoth.

[ profile] mama_de_rose's little one was absolutely the opposite, leaning as far as she could out the window, waving her rainbow flag and singing gospel songs!!! It was adorable.

I put many LJ names to faces and truly felt comfortable hanging out with people I'd never met before. It was so very neat.

Afterwards, K & I headed through the chaos that was Church St. to connect with the RANDOM QUEER's crew. A few minutes hanging and K was starting to deteriorate just as the crew were heading back into the chaos. Initially intending to walk with [ profile] curgoth and the stunningly RED [ profile] neeuqdrazil, I soon spotted a sushi place and decided that feeding the child was of vital importance. She ate VERY well!!!

We then wandered back up Church to Wellesley and climbed back on the subway to collect our car. K fell asleep in short order and napped all the way home.

I did a drive by of my clients home (in Guelph) enroute to ensure that there was indeed a bin and stuff in it. *hurray*

I'm pleasantly tired. Motivated to participate and just lose myself in the throngs of people next year... People watching, being "compersive (is that a word)!! and enjoying the sense of comraderie I witnessed today is something that I would thoroughly enjoy.

What a truly wonderful experience. Thank you to all who helped put me at ease and encouraged me to come!
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K has been bugging me for a while to spend time at school with her.  SO last Friday she said "in 5 days you'll come to be my show & share". 

Being the good mommy that I am, I compared schedules at work and booked a random vacation day for tomorrow.  Here's the plan.

(pack K's overnight bag!!)
2.  Make our way to school
3.  I'm her  "show and share" thing
4. She's gonna teach me
5. Stick around for play time & Lunch

6. Pick up stuff.
7. Pick up EON
8. Indulge in the rarest of vices for me
9.  Clean & do laundry under the influence.
10. Welcome BF for a visit in whatever way deemed necessary at the time
11.  Eat, more welcoming
12. Possible Dancing
13. More welcoming
14. Crash HARD.

Sat involves recovery and collecting the kidlet in time to head to friends for a random hangout that I know nothing about Saturday night.  It welcomes kidlets and that's all that matters. 
Sunday will hopefully include the GIG and time with my cousin & her family.

I'm grateful for the friends I have in my world.  It keeps me going.
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So the general recap comes first. Then specifics under the appropriate filters.

Friday - woke feeling like H_E_double L, and so cancelled that thing called work and hied myself to the clinic. Where I recieved a tetanus shot to deal with the dog scratch and drugs to deal with burgeoning sinus infection that had kept me up all night.

2 Anti-biotics and a nap later, and I felt almost human. I was treated like the luckiest woman on earth when [ profile] k_calypso refused to change her plans and came home with me. We were joined shortly thereafter by the brave [ profile] the_nita and LB. K & LB had a blast with chalk and digging in the garden, as well as chowing down on HotDogs which were the inaugural meal on the BBQ.

While they were playing and the dogs were cookings, the lovely ladies assisted / totally ASSEMBELED my 10 piece patio set.!! I'm a lucky lucky lady.

We were later joined by [ profile] gracyelala and the beautiful little M who immediately joined the brigade. LB went home with his mommy and K & M became circus performers for the rest of us adults. When they could drag our attention away from DDR that is!

Sometime around midnight, the party came to an end with K being sent to bed, and M making her way home with her parents.

Saturday - we woke around 9 am, and struggled through coffee and morning visitations with the neighbours. I dropped [ profile] k_calypso off at the Brick, enroute to [ profile] trinshadow's to look after her weeboy so she and hubby could join the Beer Tour. As ever, weeboy charmed me thoroughly and by the time the folks got home, had me all cozied up on the couch, snuggling a boobie!!!

After a "full throttle" wake up, I headed to TO for dinner with [ profile] curgoth & [ profile] neeuqdrazil, before leaving for BENT. I enjoyed watching heads turn as the three of us meandered hand in hand through downtown TO.

BENT was a very full and busy environment. Suffice it to say, in this venue, that I left the hall around 4am, taking [ profile] knotty_mark back home, where he managed to live up to his name.

Sunday at 10:30am, the "I MISS YOU, MOMMY" call came in, and I struggled myself upright, into a cup of coffee, and a pleasant banter or two, with a significant insight for myself in the conversation with [ profile] ladygiggles and [ profile] knotty_mark. I proceeded to spend far too much time in my own head returning to Waterloo where I collected my child at chez [ profile] trinshadow.

Realizing I'd been abandoned by the ephemeral [ profile] k_calypso, I spent time instead with [ profile] gracyelala and the "other sister" letting M & K play around outside. I sat still and, possibly, dozed whilst my hair was twined into tiny braids and lamented my inability to "pull off" dreadlocks.

Upon arriving home, I realized that I'm indeed toasted and tired and should type out/process some stuff for them that needs to know, and just be still. I cancelled the DDR date for this evening with the hopes of postponing it for later in the week.

Speaking of later in the week.

On deck we have ...Scrabble for Monday (depending on K's mood and behaviour), DDR either Tues or Wed, [ profile] athena_51?? Thursday dinner?? please confirm...and there was a naughty mention from [ profile] knotty_mark for a possible Friday...Sat sees...[ profile] the_nita BDAY celebrations, and dinner with [ profile] neeuqdrazil (I'm hoping)...

Somewhere in there, I'm hoping to paint some as that STILL hasn't happened... LMAO.

So there you have it folks... A life. In the making.
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I'm so beat!!  And not even literally...

Too little sleep on Friday night after too much fun at Bards, a DDR moment followed by dinner with pals after the kidlet came home...
A trip to TO and the MARVEL exhibit at the science center, followed by SUSHI... A drive home, with some introspective examination to be done!....and arriving to company!!

*off to bed with me*

Working from home tomorrow...>WORKING!!!
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Is a great concept...

But when I've spent 28.5 hrs already this week drafting court papers, it does NOT make me happy to cut into my comp day to finish said court papers, file them with the court house then try to serve them to clients who refuse to open their door to me.

Oh...and before I have to be in Hamilton for my Dr's appt at 10:45...

**hmmm...maybe I can talk a colleague into serving for me!!**

Thankfully, once it is done, I intend to BE FREE for the weekend...or at least until late day Saturday!!!

The thought of taking the new piercing for a test to say the least...

I'll get through tomorrow with a smile on my face...hrm...wonder if the client will think I LIKE court if I have a smile on my face...

A 21 page affidavit......NOPE...I don't like court or I'd have taken it in sooner.
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The weekend is beginning.. .I did some responsible stuff last night and this morning so I won't feel TOO incredibly guilty for playing for the rest of the weekend.

I'm off to take K out to Taco HELL for lunch.... I was taking my anxiety out on her earlier and owe her some undivided attention!!!
Then it's to deliver her to the sleep over
Rendezvous with [ profile] halfwitted
Go to play - meeting up with the birthday girl [ profile] mylostmarbles
Then HOME to finish up my potluck entry

Then potluck..and all hell breaks loose!!!

My bags are packed I'm ready to go...*mostly*


Feb. 19th, 2007 10:26 pm
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I've got plans for this weekend and it's only MONDAY!!'s the schedule so far...

Friday night - OPEN
Sat noonish - drop off kidlet for her sleepover
Sat 2pm - KWLT One-Acts with [ profile] halfwitted and [ profile] mylostmarbles
Sat eve - veggie potluck chez [ profile] corbet without the child!! and NO RESPONSIBILITIES...hrm...should I drink and give up my keys...ohhhh...decisions decisions...
Sun am - The GIG
Sun pm - possibly quick trip to Guelph - TO WORK?????

BTW..if you want in here anywhere...drop me a line!!!

Somewhere in there, mop and vacuum my floors, sort my dressers & make them more organized.
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It's official.  My daughter wants to steal my date.

She's decided that he needs to wear a pirate costume, I'm to be a black cat, and she's gonna be a vampire.

And we're doing a play.  Which she is planning to write today at school.

Cute - yes
Disquieting - BIG YES
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Hrm...Good company, lots of exercise and "freaking the mundanes", that's what it's all about!!


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