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Why are sinus' stupid?

1. They interfere with my sleep
2. They drain causing a miserable gag reflex
3. They make me to sick to think straight.

Home I am, back to bed I go.
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I crashed in TO last night. Didn't have my meds.
Snagged one of the ladygiggles sleeping pills. AND SLEPT.

Now I'm confused.

I woke up when my body wanted to (which meant getting about 9 hs sleep).
My body wasn't aching, I could walk the stairs without holding onto the wall.
My eyes, and brain are alert.

OH...and the bed sheets weren't tangled up.

What's different - no CPAP machine, no Pramaxipole, and no cipralex, and no child to wake me up!

This concerns me.

I wish I could have about 3 or 4 weeks of just time to experiment with this. Not having to worry about work, and kidlet, and just GET SLEEP UNDER CONTROL.

I can't have the 1st.

No Pramaxipole on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday night this week. WISH ME LUCK

Home again

Dec. 11th, 2008 01:30 pm
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I'm starting to wonder if I have a job.

Between K's bout with Impetigo last week and my general malaise this week (which turns out to be my own dose of impetigo!!!) I haven't made it to work much.

2 full days last week,
1 and 1/2 so far this week.

I try to get done what I can when I'm at home, but I'm feeling nauseated, and sore, and really just need to sleep. So not much likely to be done today.

I suspect my boss will have lots to say to me next week (that's not true, I'd rather he'd have words for me, but he won't. He's a parent, and he gets it...and he knows I'd be there if I could.)

Just got word that zagatto will be back from Texas late tonight. Hopefully that means I can throw some extra hours in over the next week or so.

Being ill this much, this early, just bodes very poorly for the health of the winter.

My Luck

Dec. 1st, 2008 05:29 pm
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my luck is such that on the day I'm to go back to work, after 3 days of vacation that I take Katina to the walk-in clinic, and now have to keep her home for a few days.

Here's how that works:

At the beginning of last week,she helped me make a batch of chili. She's gotten good at opening cans and was opening the cans of tomatoes and kidney beans.  Unbeknownst to me, she got an itch on her chin, that she decided to scratch with the lid of one of the cans, resulting in a small scratch.

The scratch looked like small scab on Tuesday when she went with her dad to St. Louis.  Last night, when I saw her in the car seat, I almost fell over.  The scratch was now about the size of a twonie crossing one side of her mouth, and moving down the chin.  It was yellowish and brown coloured with obvious red underneath. And apparantly this was an improvement!!!   We cleaned it well last night, and she slept for many hours after a busy active week!! 

This morning, it still looked very ugly and so off to the clinic we go.  IMPETIGO was the verdict.  The Dr. was some concerned about the oozing and said no school for at least 4 days!!  Oral anti-biotics, and topical ones prescribed.  She is contagious (which is just what I need given my skin issues!!!!), and has to be away until the sore stops oozing.  When we got home from the clinic, we soaked the worst of the scabbing off, and applied the topical anti-biotic.  It already looks a world better.  I'm hoping to get away with only keeping her home a couple of days.

zagatto has managed to adjust his schedule to help me out, so I won't miss too much work, which is awesome as always.  And he'll make sure he lets all the other kids, K was hanging out with last week, know just in case!!!

Meanwhile, she's bored silly, watching way too much TV ...and bugging "mommy" to do something with her besides work.!! 

Ah well, it's given me time to do more laundry...!!!


Home today

Nov. 5th, 2008 06:33 am
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The kidlet landed in my bed last night...coughing and coughing...

Result: no sleep for me, and little for her.

It's a home sick day for her, and I'll try to get what work done that I can....wish me luck!
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That I've been out for a run/walk already today.

Night # 3 of actual sleep..... I'm sensing a trend....


May. 27th, 2008 08:21 pm
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I think things are looking up.

I got my CPAP machine today. This is the first night of a one month trial to see if it helps. I KNOW it will, cause I remember resting better when I was at the sleep lab with it on.

Impromptu morning. Saw the couch, like it, need to determine appropriate plans to relocate it.
Picked up [ profile] k_calypso & the wee one and got fed a wonderful healthy lunch by [ profile] nobodyhere. Perused the most interesting catalogue, got challenged by an interesting idea, and then got a call for my machine.

Went, got trained and sent home, re-arranged my room and am longing to try it out.

Here's to sleep.
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A lack of sleep may cause a number of disorders including:

* aching muscles;

* blurred vision;

* Cardiovascular disease;

* Clinical depression;

* Colorblindness;

* Daytime drowsiness and naps;

* decreased mental activity and concentration;

* Depersonalization/derealization;

* weakened immune system;

* Dizziness;

* Dark circles under the eyes;

* fainting;

* General confusion;

* Hallucinations (visual and aural);

* hand tremors;

* Headache;

* Hernia;

* Hyperactivity;

* Hypertension;

* Impatience;

* Irritability;

* Lucid dreaming (once sleep resumes);

* Memory lapses or loss;

* Nausea;

* Nystagmus (rapid involuntary rhythmic eye movement);

* Psychosis; (oh..that could be fun)

* Pallor;

* slowed reaction time;

* Slurred and/or nonsensical speech;

* Weight loss or gain;

* Severe yawning;


May. 9th, 2008 06:54 am
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I worked til almost 6 last night.

I woke today in a full anxiety attack...tremors, racing heart the whole deal....

Chiro appt at 7:30am.

Hopefully that will help with the calms....

I'm gonna try working....if I can't settle the anxiety...

I'm leaving and coming home sick.  I'm not safe on the roads and with clients when I'm this shakey...

Friggin' sleep  
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I've never been a dreamer....Now I know why!

I got the results from my sleep lab study today.  Most people spend about 20% of their sleeping time in restorative or Stage 4 sleep.
I spent 0.8% of my sleep time there.

I spent 75% of my sleep time between stages 1 & 2 of sleep, with 43 awakenings through the night of the study.

I go again next Tuesday where they will try me out with a mask to input positive air pressure.  While I never stop breathing (apnea) I breathe very shallowly, and deprive my body/brain of oxygen in that manner.

Apparently I also have busy legs at night!!  I'm to have my B12 & Iron tested but the sleep Dr. thinks the oxygen CPAP machine will resolve that as well.

Anyone on my FLIST have a CPAP?  what company did you purchase from? Any recommendations?

In other news, I have ...debrief kinky stuff to finish writing up when I get the energy...and...the sleep!!
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Yup. I've been in the hospital. I think I went to Grand River on Sunday. They triaged me into a bed and an IV drip.
Yup. I'm home. I still have the catheter in my hand and require another 2 days of IV anti-biotic.
Kidney infection gone seriously wrong.

Now that I'm no longer dying....I need.

1. someone to come get the empty water bottles from my trunk, my card for crystal springs and bring them back full.
2. I need help sorting, folding laundy for me and Katina (Lee is also sick right now, and Paul's got weeboy to worry about)
3. I need, likely, a grocery run, which I may or may not be able to accompany but can not drive for.
4. help finishing my taxes
5. a ride to TD/Canada trust to sign a document
6. a _gopher_ who can wrap presents, help clean up/organize my space with me and go for SLOW walks with me...I must get moving....
7. Someone to help me adjust the display on my screen....
8. A massage.....with
9. possibly a ride to see my chiropractor once I get something booked....
10. Possibly help baking a birthday cake!! Anyone got a princess pan!!!!
11***edit thanks to bridgeoutahead* take my car in for tires and oil change!!**

Before anyone gets their knickers in a knot, I'm sure some of this will happen at home, I just haven't gotten there yet and my mother will be around this weekend, and there's a bday I haven't organized...

*Please note to all volunteers... I'm still under the course a wicked migraine, that's not likely going anywhere and make me subject to finicky mood swings and spots before my eyes!!!*

And a personal THANK YOU to those that have already been godsends....[ profile] suburban_mom,,[ profile] persephoneplace,[ profile] hippybngstockngand [ profile] zagatto. You all know why.
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I have a car (standard) and a housemate who wants to get some today. And me with abosolutely no earthly desire to leave my bed yet. The muscle aches haven't settled.

If anyone is up for driving stick and running some errands... contact myself or [ profile] suburban_mom.



Apr. 5th, 2008 08:37 pm
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in particular...codeine are bad for me.

My fever continued to rage despite 48 hrs of anti-biotic use, and I was getting tremors when the codeine wore off... I stopped taking it.

My fever is dropping, I am almost noticing an appetites, I haven't had the tremors since this afternoon.

Note to self...while no one has told me I'm allergic to codeine..>DO NOT take it.
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Went back to GGH yesterday for an ultrasound. First time I ever had an abdominal done, very cool! I saw my spleen!!

Not sure why they wanted it done, but it showed nothing. I waited in ER from 11- 2:30pm to find that out!!

I am on Tylenol 3's. And when they wear off, I can't tell if it's the pain that makes me get all cold, shakey and uncomfortable, or if it's withdrawel from the codeine.

I've cut my dosage back to 1 every four hrs or so, instead of 2. And that seems to be fine.

I have things I wanted to do today. Was supposed to go the Elmira Maple Syrup festival, want to refill my water containers etc.

I need to start icing my back & shoulder again, with the pain, I've been hunching and that's a no-no!!

And yet, I'm crawling back into bed.


Apr. 3rd, 2008 11:30 pm
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I just got in from Guelph's emergency department. I went there at about 12:30 this afternoon due to overwhelming pain in my left kidney and chills from hell.

I have a kidney infection. Apparantly my white count is through the roof but my kidneys are still doing what they are supposed to. I'll be going in for an ultrasound at some point tomorrow.

Tylenol 3's are my friend.

That's it for now. I hate my body.
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Well, not really, as in I'm not EATING lunch.  Again, I forgot to grab it, and I'm waiting for a school to call so can't leave my desk.

I had hoped to sneak out around noon, head to the "Doctor's Office" on University to see the guy who DIDN"T complete the WSIB paperwork when I was there on Feb 20th, and be back for my 3pm meeting.  

That's not happening today.  There's a young lady I need to go interview instead.  So perhaps I'll manage to wrap the meeting up early enough to p/u K and head to the clinic to get the Dr. to fill out the paperwork.

I hurt like hell right now.  I can't take the muscle relaxants when I'm working, cause they make me sleepy.  So I'm at work, no ice pack, spent 3 hrs in a meeting, and have an ache from my buttocks to tips of my hair.

I was adjusted by the new chiropractor last night, he wants to see me again this week.  He figures if he can't help me in under 3 weeks, he can't help me at all.  I agree with that remark and will be due to see the primary physician on 11 April 08 anyway.

Work related: over my recording days, I got 5 files closed (from 24 down to 19).  I have 2 more ready to close.  I've booked another week of recording time in order to play catch up with my ongoing files.  

I have vacation the last week of April.  I have no plans.  But I have a WEEK off....

Budget is UBERTIGHT for the next couple of weeks, because I am out of pocket on the chiro & RMT treatments I've been getting this month.  That sucks.

To be fair though, I have locked an amount away for a secured credit card, but haven't gotten the paperwork completed or the card yet.  I'm hoping to use it for my gas and those "online" purchases that I want to make.

Well, that's it for now...back to the grind.
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Much thanks to my rescue driver today!![ profile] hippybngstockng!! She was champ with the stick

Dr. gave me anti-inflammatories & muscle relaxants. Said keep going to chiro & massage and see her in 3 weeks. If no change, she'll refer me for phsyio.

Chiro says ICE ICE ICE while he's on vacation this week.

Wonder if I can get the boss to let me work from home where I have my icepack handy???
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and am plannng to make it to work.

Now have a 5 yr old running an almost 102 fever in my bed, complaining of similar joint pain and a sore throat...egads!!

Univsere!! Hopefully her papa can pick her up in the morning and she can lay low with him, while I get to work....
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Just back from Massage Therapy...

I have a migraine...that's all
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seriously folks..

who falls and gives themselves lateral whiplash???

recommendation recieved: HOT and Tylenol Extra Strength....

Many thanks for the recommendations... I'll call and see what I can schedule!


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