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October 5, 2007

Life’s Changing Course
Virgo Daily Horoscope

You may feel contemplative and inspired to think about your past, present, or future.
It’s possible that an approaching birthday has you reflecting on the past year. Doing
this could motivate you to consider new possibilities or directions you could take.
You might consider stepping away from your activities today to think about what you’ve
learned from your latest year of experiences. It’s a good idea to figure out the ways
in which you’ve grown, what desires you’ve manifested, and what you would like to do
differently in the coming year
. Evaluating your life’s journey before forging ahead
may give you insights about the courses of action that can benefit you in the future.

Taking stock of our past can help us decide the next direction of our life’s journey.
Contemplating how our decisions have created our present circumstances can bring
clarity and self-understanding.
We can then envision where the path we’re on today may
lead us tomorrow. A little self-reflection can give us the knowledge and confidence to
follow a new direction or stay the current course.
We can also fully absorb the blessings
that have come to us and give thanks for what we’ve created. Reflect on your life’s
journey thus far and decide where you’d like to go next, and you can plan for a year
filled with manifestations, personal growth, and happiness.

Apparently I also need some escapism reading....I've grabbed Hominids & Otherland for the
long weekend. That should do me.
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for week of May 11, 2006

Verticle Oracle card Virgo (August 23-September 22)
It's a good time to work on your moon tan. I suggest you put on a bathing suit and find a place where the moon can beam down on you for awhile. As you bask in its glow, periodically turning over to let it saturate every part of your body, imagine that soaking up the lunar vibes will deepen and tone your emotional life, enhance your receptivity, make you a wiser nurturer, and build up your knack for adjusting deftly to change.

(hrm...any offers to keep me company? is it a full moon this weekend? I'll need a sitter too...)

The dangers of excessive politeness are perfectly exemplified in the medieval legend of Parzival, Arthur's purest knight. His quest for the Holy Grail leads him to a castle where he is welcomed by a wounded lord. At dinner, a mysterious bowl captivates Parzival's attention.He's dying to know more about it, but he holds his tongue. His training as a knight has taught him that it's uncourteous to express too much curiosity.

Tragically, he doesn't realize that he has arrived at the very place where his quest could be satisfied. The wounded lord is actually the fisher king, the marvelous bowl is the Grail, and he is being presented with a magical test. The test consists of a simple task: to ask about the bowl. Because Parzival fails to do so, the king doesn'treveal the secret and doesn't give him the Grail.

The next morning, Parzival wakes up to find the castle empty, and he leaves having missed the very opportunity he wanted most.
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Verticle Oracle card Virgo (August 23-September 22)
It will be a rather animalistic week, Virgo--or at least it shouldbe. I suggest that you learn to feel more trust in your primal instincts; find out more about the part of you that doesn't use words. If you've got the luxury to experiment, see what it's like when you give your inner beast permission to express all of its creativity. The coming days will also be prime time to befriend lone wolves, horse around with wise old owls, welcome back lost sheep, play possum with jackasses, and flirt with sacred cows.

uh... I don't think so...good idea...experience with the applications... so NOT good...


Dec. 1st, 2005 08:50 pm
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Virgo Horoscope for week of December 1, 2005
Verticle Oracle card Virgo (August 23-September 22)
Passing a video store window in San Francisco, I spied a poster advertising a set of DVDs for all seven years of some old TV program. What show it was, I couldn't tell. Most of the sign was obscured. But the blurb at the very top promised that "You may never get up off the couch again"--presumably because you'd become so immersed in the world of the TV show that you'd have no need to actually go out and live your own life. While I don't usually recommend that you pursue this kind of escapism, Virgo, it's perfectly fine--maybe even healthy--to do so now. Please feel free to disappear from the grind for a few days. If necessary, flee into an alternate reality.

I absolutely adore my alternate reality... It makes my muscles ache, my limbs shake and my skin bruise....<sigh>  but it clears my mind....
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On weeks that start with Holidays... Garbage doesn't go out on Wednesday night... 2nd note to self... DO NOT accept coffee from well-meaning co-workers or clients after 1pm.... or risk sitting around the house awake at 3 am....GAK.... Virgo (August 23-September 22) You don't want to have to answer to the past, right? It's a waste of time. Nor do you even feel like rebelling against the way things used to be or rejecting the stale old expectations people would like to hold you to. I don't blame you, Virgo--especially now, as you enter the frontier zone where the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. The way I see it, it's your sacred duty to shake off all the sacred duties from yesteryear as you go forth to create the future. * SACRED ADVERTISEMENT If I ever produce a self-help manual called The Reverse Psychology of Getting Everything You Want, it will discuss the following paradoxes: a. People are more willing to accommodate your longings if you’re not greedy or grasping. b. A good way to achieve your desires is to cultivate the feeling that you’ve already achieved them. c. Whatever you’re longing for has been changed by your pursuit of it. It’s not the same as it was when you felt the first pangs of desire. In order to make it yours, then, you will have to modify your ideas about it. d. Be careful what you wish for because if your wish does materialize it will require you to change in ways you didn’t foresee. Review your own life and identify experiences that exemplify these four principles.
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Virgo (August 23-September 22)
You have weathered a turning point in your relationship with darkness, and will never again be tempted by its strange attractions. Did you hear what I said? You have had your last encounters with hellish monsters that unleash torment for the fun of it. You will never again get mixed up with events that resemble crawling through caverns filled with the souls of the damned. In the future, you may on occasion have weird dreams about owls and spiders and snakes, but they will be good weird. Congrats, Virgo.

ummmm....did I miss something in the last few months??????
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For a time, my new book Pronoia is the Antidote for Paranoia: How the Whole World Is Conspiring to Shower You with Blessings was #12 on the bestseller list at Right behind it at #13 was James Howard Kunstler's The Long Emergency: Surviving the Converging Catastrophes of the Twenty-First Century. That snapshot of book buyers' schizophrenic inclinations has a resemblance to your outlook, Virgo. Half of you is overflowing with a talent for cultivating intelligent hope, while the other half is always preparing for the worst. Being as objective as an optimist like me can be, I firmly believe you should adjust the ratio. According to the astrological omens, the right approach is to be 90 percent devoted to expecting the best and 10 percent invested in guarding yourself against trouble.

This so sounds like me.....
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What I'm about to tell you is always important to keep in mind, but it's especially crucial right now. If you think you're too small and insignificant to have a major impact, you've never spent the night in bed with a mosquito. Let me put it a different way Virgo: In order for you to set in motion all the invigorating, far-reaching changes you now have the potential to initiate, you must believe you are as impossible to fight off as a mosquito in the dark.

I'm not ignoring all this... I'm processing... I need to print off some of this and mark it up.  Next book order is from

I appreciate everything I hear, read and is shared.  I NEED the challenges.  I'm out of practice in doing my own homework..... s'not so easy to remember how....



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