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Kat is sick.  She's got a fever, was up all night coughing and is generally lethargic.
She was quite content to stay home today watching videos, until I gave her some medication and sent her up to bed.
The medication worked.  When she realized I was not letting her come back down until she had a nap, she got dressed, came down and packed her lunch and insisted she was all better and was going to school.

No matter what I said.  She was going.  I reminded her, she can't be at school with a fever.  She was going.  SO out to the car she went and buckled in.  I went to the car and tried to talk some sense into her.


As a result.  She got OUT of the car, and began running up the street yelling, "I'm GOING TO SCHOOL." Apparantly there is some kind of celebration today that she did not want to miss out on.  After thinking for a minute.  I got the car, pulled in front of her, and told her to get in.  She said she would if I'd take her to school.

I agreed to take her to school. But told her that we would talk to the people at the office and if THEY said she could stay, fine, but if they said she was too sick to be there because of her fever, she had to come home.  She agreed.  So off we went.

The staff were FABULOUS with her.  Told her why they had that rule, and how hard it is to work when your body doesn't feel well, and that it's better to be home for one day, than several days.  One person (I think either the Principal or VP) went to the classroom to find out about the celebration she was missing.  Then came back and said that they would try to arrange another celebration when she was back at school and all better.

I was pleased to hear the staff say the same things I'd been saying.  How wonderful it is that school is important and that she wants so badly to be there, how important it is to just relax and take care of herself, sleep, rest and eat well.

MAN...I can't even imagine having tried that with my mother.  Yet, my kidlet is SO independant, I had to call in reinforcements!!!

In Need

Oct. 5th, 2008 10:12 am
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Kat is per usual, it's a bad time. I have to run out and groceries for the week.

If someone feels up to it, I'm in need of someone to hang here and keep an eye on her while I run out for groceries!

I'll feed you !! I'm hoping to make a pork roast!

If you are game, please give me a call....

Kat is low key and settled into TV.
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It's miserable out there....cold, wet, rainy..

Even so, the kidlet and I wandered to see if the local OEYC was open (it wasn't), played hopscotch in the rain, and wandered home.  Changed out of our wet clothes, cleaned our rooms and made our beds.

I had coffee and read the paper (just to confirm I do not want it being sent here!!) while kidlet played on her "up to ten" website.  We drew pictures, wrestlee, have played bomberman, chatted with great grandma on the computer, she's learning Mario Brothers on her own and it's only 11:30.

I think today's plan will inclue a run out for milk and ham, and possibly some ballet slippers (hallowe'en ballarina alert!!)...and a box or two may get packed... 

LOL *she's now playing spiderman/venom for the Super Nintendo...and doing well....

I never got to play video games as a kid.  I'menjoying watching her button-mash!!

Company's welcome!!  Call first if you want in on the ham and scalloped potatoes...
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So.. I'm learning to get over the fact that my daughter simply REFUSES to go straight to sleep when she's tucked in.  Every night for AGES, she's jumped out of bed, rummaged around, gotten back into bed...  Now I've always had a pretty good idea what was going on, but last night I think I finally figured it out for good.  My daughter...  likes to read herself to sleep.

She pulls her night light (which is a clock radio) into bed, "listens to the traffic", and reads.  Those footsteps across the floor are her getting another book, and the THUMPS are the ones that fall on the floor.

I do not know how I got a child who loves to read so much, but I am certainly not going to complain.  Instead, I'm gonna work towards eliminating the daytime nap, and getting her to bed EARLIER so she can read herself to sleep.

Tonight, I tucked her in, gave her 2 books, and put her night light where she likes it.  I think I'm getting over it.

btw...I'm also proud that this is a kid who just helped me clean the cats box, helped carry the recycling to the road, got her laundry ready for the washing machine and completed bed time routine with a minimum of fuss...

hrm...what do you want to bet all hell breaks out tomorrow when I try to leave her with the sitter???


Sep. 1st, 2006 06:16 pm
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[profile] zagatto will tell you I'm not one for playing games...

I am however, enjoying playing bomberman with my daughter.  She likes it, and she's getting really really good....

and she is TRYING to blow me up!!!
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I have taught my daughter how to play CLOCK Solitaire....she's 4...

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So we're on our way back from the in-laws last night, LATE and the little one is asking for something. Or should I say demanding something. So I asked her if she'd left all her nice words back at her grandparents...

And she says..

"nope, I tied them to a rope on the back of the car and can't get them back off the rope until we get home."
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So this morning...Katina is lounging on the hammock and I am sitting across from her, about 10 feet away reading a book.

She pipes up and says "you know why I'm staring at you?".
me - " are you staring at me?"
her - "cause you make me smile, and you make me laugh, and you make me very happy"
me - "well thank you. In that case you can stare at me all you like."

I love my kid. And the way I love her is sinking in, and she loves me back.

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My day mutated!!

I got done a few things. Emptied the old bathtub, spread soil and seed in the backyard.
Trimmed up the trees again. Dug up some unsightly lillies and replaced iwth pretty ones..

Got annoyed that my grass grows so well in the front flower bed, but refuses to grow in the backyard.

Moved rocks, a bathtub, filled my last yard waste bag.

Repotted 2 plants.

Somehow in all this I acquired children.

And I now have a couch full of neighbourhood under 8 years old girls watching an anime called Mao Chan (it's about 3 cute little girls protecting Japan from "cute aliens", which looked like stuffed toys), and drinking watered down, sugarless KoolAid.

I'm gonna like being the "cool mom".
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so..Katina says "are all the rest of those for me?"
Mom says "yes if you want them."
Katina says " cause my name is HUNGRY GIRL and I'm gonna eat ALL the food in this house"
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So... kidlet is still sick...she seemed to be doing better but has been inhaling instead of blowing...and now appears to have developed a case of pink eye and has an ear that ...HUUURRRRRTTTTTSSSS....

[ profile] zagatto, lovely man that he is, has taken kidlet to the Dr's. I can't take ANY time off right now, so that leaves it to him to be home. The rule is 24 hrs on anti-biotics before they can return to daycare...If we can get her on the drugs tonight, she should be back to school for Friday. If we were to wait until she sees her pediatrician tomorrow, she wouldn't be able to go to school on Friday either.... SO....walk in clinic it is.

I love my man. Now I'm gonna go work and make his sacrifice worthwhile.
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so...[ profile] zagatto's dad and wife were up for a quickie visit this weekend. Dinner out with the child was less then stellar seeing as she decided to come down with a wicked virus during the late afternoon. Most of my dinner was spent with a cranky, whiney pre-schooler on my lap. Cutting it short, we headed home for an early evening.

Little one & I were both in bed by 9pm. I enjoyed my sleep (and even snored) despite being up every 2-4 hrs with cries of "mommmmmmmmmmyyyyyyy" erupting from her room. Snuggles, a fever check and the odd dose of medicine got us through the night. We called today a day in, and the in-laws offered to help us "de-clutter" our space.

Now, as y'all know, I don't watch Television. I'm starting to think there's some merit to the shows that talk about real-estate, preparing your house for sale, and decorating shows. I'm happy that the in-laws are avid watchers. [ profile] zagatto's dad put his wood-working skills to use, repairing a door, a chair, and a piece of flooring. Some great advice on fixing my bookcase door, the ceiling in the bathroom and the access panel in the kitchen was recieved and will be acted on. Mrs [ profile] zagatto's dad was a wonder at packing glasses and other miscellanous matter, along with cleaning flat exposed surfaces!!

Overall - the kitchen is.... Quite different. We have an entry way at the front the door (who knew) and there's several packed boxes in the basement. The child has alternately slept and snuggled all day and is currently running a fever of 103.5 with a sore throat. It's red and raw so I'm thinking we've got a viral cold that's just gonna have to run it's course. Better this week then next, while [ profile] zagatto can be home with her, without either of us losing time from work.

Here's hoping the progress on the de-cluttering continues....


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