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I have a U-Haul here with stuff in it...

I need hands to get stuff out of it!!

I also have Shephards Pie (made with meat) and Chilli (made without me) in exchange for services rendered.

The more bodies the better!! Please...
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Truck problems...

FRUSTRATED.... Not getting truck until NOON!! GRRRRR>..RRRR

We may be loading into the evening!!


Oct. 25th, 2006 11:26 pm
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Book case is empty and boxed.

I keep looking around and seeing more things to box.

I'm tired.  Recycling is out.  Trash is ready to go as well.

Me thinks the boy has crashed...I had coffee...

If you are not working tomorrow and available!!  Come help load a U-Haul!!

We'll feed you!!
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Every room in the house has every cupboard door open.

There are full boxes in every room. There are still things in some of the cupboards... Some are essentials...some are WTF??'s

Good visit with a Tribe member who hasn't figured out that she's a tribe member... That was good company while I packed more boxes...

I'm hungry and bored... company?? Feels like I'll still be putting stuff in boxes tomorrow... Lots of stuff to be disassembled before going into the truck...stuff I can't do...

I wish [ profile] zagatto had booked today off too...

PLAN _ EAT something... Then clean Kitchen Counter... Then clean fridge...dispose of stuff for compost tonight... Then either basement...or more kitchen...I can't believe how much stuff we can hide in our kitchen.

I'm dreading the bookcase!!!
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ALMOST 2 hrs on phone, hydro, insurance, medical address changes, ...friendship support...

Spare Room Packed.

Linen Closet Packed.

Bathroom Packed (kept out necessities)

Our Bedroom - started.... (keeping out necessities)

NEXT - Lunch
Run out for MORE BOXES

Finish our room
Pack remainder of Kitchen
Pack Remainder of Living Room
Tackle Basement ---BOOKS!!!!

Clean out Refridgerator....Collect Trash....sort Recycling...

Busy Girl

Oct. 23rd, 2006 09:53 pm
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Katina's room is packed.

2 boxes of books packed..

Full day of work, DONE...
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So the plan is finally set.

Here's the details, since not everyone on [ profile] zagatto's list is on my list and vice versa...

I'm booked off work from 25 Oct until 1 November. Firmly scheduled is this - Thursday 26 Oct - UHAUL truck getting parked in our dirveway in Hamilton. Boxes and furniture to be loaded on that date. Friday 27 Oct - beds, bedding, food and appliances will be loaded. Lawyer stuff will happen, and the UHAUL will head to KW. SOMETIME that day (possibly as late as 6pm) we will get the keys for the new house. Then we will unload - Appliances for sure, food,...and possibly beds & bedding... *this remains to be determined*

Saturday 28 Oct - will be la grande painting party...The AM will find us going to actually BUY paint and supplies and hopefully beginning to apply coats of paint to the main Hallway, Living Room area, Master Bedroom and Office.... I have no idea how long this will take, I guess that depends on how many people and how many paintbrushes!!! I forsee Unloading the UHAUL on Sunday 29 Oct.... or possibly even on Monday *depending on the progress of the painting* (if there are creative people among you who want to take on control of co-ordinating this...PLEASE...I'm desparate!!)

Things as yet unscheduled but are taking up brain space and I need help with...

1. Plants - I have a few plants that need a home for a few days. I can arrange to bring them to KW anytime between NOW and move time. There aren't many, I just don't want to put them in a UHAUL and have them exposed to the cold for an extended period...If someone is willing to babysit plants... Please let me know.

2. CATS - I have 2. I would like to NOT have to worry about them running out of the house as the boxes are being relocated on Thursday I believe I am looking for a home (a basement with a closed door would be fine) where they can reside until after the painting is done and the UHAUL is emptied...- so we're talking about 4 days I believe... If someone has the space and is willing to cat-sit a few traumatized felines....Please let me know.

3. FREEZER GOODs - We are steadily working on emptying the freezer so we don't have stuff to move but I do have a few things that won't happen with... For example * free to a good home* a very LARGE bag of Flour...that's been residing in the freezer to keep it fresh*... IF you use flour, please speak up... I'd rather give it away...and let it be used... Please let me know.

I think that about covers the low level stuff in my head... It may be nice to have a car or two coming from Hamilton to KW on move day...but I'm concerned about the delay... I see needing a few coolers for fridge/freezer stuff, and a couple of laundry baskets for bedding and clothes... Any confirmed attendees would be appreciated...

Point of note...all helpers get food, beer...and possibly girly drinks with frozen fruit!!!!
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We are home sellers.

Offers made, counter offers made, and accepted.


Now we have to talk to Mortgage people and we can start HOUSE HUNTING!!!!


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