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A lack of sleep may cause a number of disorders including:

* aching muscles;

* blurred vision;

* Cardiovascular disease;

* Clinical depression;

* Colorblindness;

* Daytime drowsiness and naps;

* decreased mental activity and concentration;

* Depersonalization/derealization;

* weakened immune system;

* Dizziness;

* Dark circles under the eyes;

* fainting;

* General confusion;

* Hallucinations (visual and aural);

* hand tremors;

* Headache;

* Hernia;

* Hyperactivity;

* Hypertension;

* Impatience;

* Irritability;

* Lucid dreaming (once sleep resumes);

* Memory lapses or loss;

* Nausea;

* Nystagmus (rapid involuntary rhythmic eye movement);

* Psychosis; (oh..that could be fun)

* Pallor;

* slowed reaction time;

* Slurred and/or nonsensical speech;

* Weight loss or gain;

* Severe yawning;
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What I had..Read more... )

What happened with me...Read more... )

The Bacteria involved..Read more... )

Long story short. If I'd continued on the meds prescribed by Guelph General Hospital on Thursday last week, who called me today and said they were the wrong meds, I could have died. That's been a very sobering thought. It's making me look around at lots of things and wonder. Change is coming.
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Did ANYONE out there get any sleep last night? Raise your hand??
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Yup. I've been in the hospital. I think I went to Grand River on Sunday. They triaged me into a bed and an IV drip.
Yup. I'm home. I still have the catheter in my hand and require another 2 days of IV anti-biotic.
Kidney infection gone seriously wrong.

Now that I'm no longer dying....I need.

1. someone to come get the empty water bottles from my trunk, my card for crystal springs and bring them back full.
2. I need help sorting, folding laundy for me and Katina (Lee is also sick right now, and Paul's got weeboy to worry about)
3. I need, likely, a grocery run, which I may or may not be able to accompany but can not drive for.
4. help finishing my taxes
5. a ride to TD/Canada trust to sign a document
6. a _gopher_ who can wrap presents, help clean up/organize my space with me and go for SLOW walks with me...I must get moving....
7. Someone to help me adjust the display on my screen....
8. A massage.....with
9. possibly a ride to see my chiropractor once I get something booked....
10. Possibly help baking a birthday cake!! Anyone got a princess pan!!!!
11***edit thanks to bridgeoutahead* take my car in for tires and oil change!!**

Before anyone gets their knickers in a knot, I'm sure some of this will happen at home, I just haven't gotten there yet and my mother will be around this weekend, and there's a bday I haven't organized...

*Please note to all volunteers... I'm still under the course a wicked migraine, that's not likely going anywhere and make me subject to finicky mood swings and spots before my eyes!!!*

And a personal THANK YOU to those that have already been godsends....[ profile] suburban_mom,,[ profile] persephoneplace,[ profile] hippybngstockngand [ profile] zagatto. You all know why.
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I'm officially sick.

I have a head cold...fever, chills, congestion and sinus drainage...SUCKS.

For me the worst is being unable to sleep or get warm.....

Hrm...ran out of my apples last week..hope that's why.

I NEED to get through 2.5 days this week...that's all. And Tues is only a half day.... PLEASE...Let the sleep and drugs help.


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