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Jul. 14th, 2009 06:22 am
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I crashed at 10:30.

Work at 5:30.

Feel rested.  Bed is not a mess which means I didn't toss and turn all night.

Time to shower and face the day!


Jul. 13th, 2009 11:56 am
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I haven't slept that long in a long time.

Woke up sore, achey and immobile at 6:00am.  Called the office.  NOT coming in.  Slept.  talked to client, not coming in...slept.Let in babysitter at 8am.  Slept.  Told co-worker on cell phone to go away.  Slept.

Got up after 11.  STILL slow to move (which generally means the meds are moving in the system)...the rest of the day is going to be slow and steady.  Food, shower.  Laundry.  Probably some work stuff.
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saw every hour on the up at 4:30am...chatted with a friend for a bit...

dozed for another couple hours. 

Mild, lack of sleep migraine, in the back of my skull....have to be able to drive to Hamilton for a Dr's appointment for 1pm.

Anyone wanna keep me company?

I'm working from home for the morning.  Leaving here probably 11ish...I like to have time at the other end, I hate feeling like I'm going to be late.

Will get what work done I can, but will be emailing the boss that if my body says SLEEP, it's gonna end up being a sick morning.  Wish me luck
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That I've been out for a run/walk already today.

Night # 3 of actual sleep..... I'm sensing a trend....
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why people give up on CPAP therapy for sleep apnea.

The nights I actually SLEEP, I wake up more sore, achey and disoriented than the nights I don't. It's like my body rages at not having more of what it's been deprived of for so long.

It makes it difficult to function. I have done enough research, I KNOW this will change and get better. But it feels like it's taking a long time.


Jun. 7th, 2008 05:50 am
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I'm a moron.
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i tried the new mask...

bad night. Have to go back to work today.

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Hmmm, maybe I will be able to adapt to this thing.

I'm sleeping? about 5 hrs with it on, then taking it off.  We'll see what happens.
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So...Continuous Positive Air Pressure (CPAP) is my new bedside companion.  It needs a name.....

Something violent I think.  It feels like someone's been thumping on my sinus cavities for 2 days.....headache central.

Going to try tonight, if still achy, calling Mr. John so ask about it.

Think sleepy thoughts at me, k?
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I got a headache with the mask on.

I finally took it off at about 3am.

Then got a visit from the kidlet...

no sleep for me.


May. 27th, 2008 08:21 pm
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I think things are looking up.

I got my CPAP machine today. This is the first night of a one month trial to see if it helps. I KNOW it will, cause I remember resting better when I was at the sleep lab with it on.

Impromptu morning. Saw the couch, like it, need to determine appropriate plans to relocate it.
Picked up [ profile] k_calypso & the wee one and got fed a wonderful healthy lunch by [ profile] nobodyhere. Perused the most interesting catalogue, got challenged by an interesting idea, and then got a call for my machine.

Went, got trained and sent home, re-arranged my room and am longing to try it out.

Here's to sleep.
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To wake up after actually sleeping.... (I know I slept, I can feel the difference.)

AND to have your neck actually crack a bit, when the chiro manipulates it.

Mild ache there, but nice.  I feel rested.  It's...odd.
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that I'm sick of being TIRED!!!
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I've never been a dreamer....Now I know why!

I got the results from my sleep lab study today.  Most people spend about 20% of their sleeping time in restorative or Stage 4 sleep.
I spent 0.8% of my sleep time there.

I spent 75% of my sleep time between stages 1 & 2 of sleep, with 43 awakenings through the night of the study.

I go again next Tuesday where they will try me out with a mask to input positive air pressure.  While I never stop breathing (apnea) I breathe very shallowly, and deprive my body/brain of oxygen in that manner.

Apparently I also have busy legs at night!!  I'm to have my B12 & Iron tested but the sleep Dr. thinks the oxygen CPAP machine will resolve that as well.

Anyone on my FLIST have a CPAP?  what company did you purchase from? Any recommendations?

In other news, I have ...debrief kinky stuff to finish writing up when I get the energy...and...the sleep!!
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crawled into bed at's now 6:30...and I still want more sleep.!!!
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Did some good hand journalling today.  Thought about putting it here...

Too sleepy.

me crash now.
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I have had no problems sleeping in several days, course I've taken my sleeping pills like a good wee girl, until tonight. I have been off work since Wed afternoon and tomorrow I go back.

My head is FULL of stuff. I can't settle down, I keep running through my head. Even to the point that I am having conversations about the reasons some stuff on the lists are not done. I KNOW what my dayplanner looks like for tomorrow...hell for THIS WEEK...and my shoulders are knotted and I want to cry just thinking about it. I wonder if this is the stuff that "stress leave" makes.... I've been FINE damnit.!!! Today I've been exceptionally cranky...and now just can NOT shut my brain down.

There's a rant/diatribe brewing in my mind as well....about who I am as a person and how I walk the line between worker and friend sometimes. Seems there are people on my flist and in my world in general who don't get that.

I purchased a new computer system today. I should have it before the middle of the week. BTW...This is what I bought. I'm all excited.

Currently, weeboy is whining a bit. I'm scared to go to him, in case I make it worse. Adapting to the household setup, family set up is proving...challenging for all of us. I may have to learn to play scrabble... I got my butt whooooooped!!

I am doing a lot of "paper journal" writing...mostly cause I have been offline and can carry that one with me. Bah...time to try to sleep again.
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Yesterday was an emotionally charged day on several levels.  Predominantly with regards to Family of Origin revelations and getting the rest of the story.

I'm drained.  Didn't sleep and am not happy with my own emotional reaction to the new knowledge and understanding of things.

I'm not sure what the day will bring.  I'm in Barrie, so first things first, I'm going to head back to KW.  And go from there.

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I'm up again. I had a brief period of closed eyes, the sleep of the emotionally wrung out.

Tomorrow is sleeping pill night.

That's all folks. I'm still done.


Aug. 28th, 2007 06:24 am
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Saw every hour on the hour again last night.



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