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I am tired on so many different levels right now.

I'm going into hibernation for the rest of the day and snuggling with my daughter.

If you need me. You'll have to call.
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I am so very tired. I'm sure I'm still adjusting to being back at work...

Hrm...what's up? Let's see.. .I have HELL OF A scratch down the back of my leg from a dog that I recieved this afternoon during a home visit. Unfortunately this home is particularly ....dirty... so I've treated with Witch Hazel and covered it for the night hoping to avoid any infection.

Hrm...apparantly I wrote an email this evening refering to myself as still living in Hamilton....that speaks to sleepy.

I woke up SUPER early this morning and don't know why. I've been hoping that I would be able to start waking up earlier so I can start to DDR in the am...

I have a very sexy BBQ. And fantastic friends who clean rooms, and take cabs to be here with sexy BBQ's arrive.....

I have a "date" Friday night, of the open invite kind...Come paint, and oogle the BBQ... I'll hopefully have propane and things connected in the right spaces so you can cook on it if you like...BYO...what ever... PAINTING MUST HAPPEN though... and possibly assembly of outdoor patio furniture... Hopefully some snuggling with [ profile] k_calypso and long talks that have been long missed!!

Hrm...Sat afternoon...there's people at the BRICK...I'll keep it in my mind but depends on when [ profile] trinshadow is TRULY willing to accept the kidlet...perhaps I'll keep hers so SHE can come by the BRICK for a hello to the world??? [ profile] trinshadow what do you think?????

Sat night is dinner with [ profile] neeuqdrazil and [ profile] curgoth, I will aim for 6ish...then BENT with many lovely people.

Sounds like I'll be headed back to Waterloo in time to attend the Bday gathering for [ profile] the_nita, which pleases me to no end and excites my K who simply thinks parties in the park are the best thing since the invention of ICE CREAM.

I'm eating...differently. We'll see if it helps or hurts.

Work I'm again trying to establish some boundaries...and have been told I have to take 2 days off this month to use up comp time... SO a "at home" day with K & I that will include whatever she wants to do will eat up one of them...and the other will be for me. I'm not sure what I will do with it yet. If you want me to try to include you in either of those "random" days...let me know.... I've booked is the Friday AFTER the holiday monday...and I think the other is Monday 14th of May......

I wish it was Friday already. I think my body is fighting something...I'd better be over it by Sat!!!


Apr. 30th, 2007 10:18 pm
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Apparantly I'm hiding out. "who knew"

I'm in hibernation mode. Usually means my brain is working on something.

I'm reading. Really I am. I care..>Really I do.

Minor updates...

hrm...Wed _the BBQ of LUUUUUV arrives and the patio set.

Sat Night _ BENT... [ profile] trinshadow we need to discuss timings on this...i.e. are you crashing HERE with the kidlets?? just mine? Or is mine at chez vous?? These answers and more will influence ....whether or not I'm looking at...[ profile] ladygiggles&[ profile] knotty_mark for crash space!!?? oh and am I still planning dinner at [ profile] neeuqdrazil & [ profile] curgoth's?

Sun _ painting? [ profile] k_calypso can I count you in?

now...more hiding out.

I'm here. Really I am.
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I have to do a serious update...

But I'm running out of spoons this week, so it's off to bed...

THAT"S IT...NO MORE FIREFLY marathons through the night!!!

*grumble grumble ** kick* grumble...*
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SO I decide to be a friggin adult and actually TYPE up the casenotes I need to do...

fricking freinndkcaihroahogihr laptop...keeps deleting every 2nd or 3rd line...and CTRL Z does NOT give it back...WTF is that all about!!!!



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