Aug. 20th, 2009 05:40 pm
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presuming I don't get distracted with a sailing option!!

1.  Take down shelving unit over upstairs toilet
2.  Replace innard again (if this doesn't solve problem, research replacement of said toilet)
3.  Move bookcase from Garage to office
4.  Install humidifier so it drains into sump pump drain
5.  Break down boxes in garage so I can park the car in there again
6.  take book case from my room to the basement
7.  Install new handle on fence gate
8.  Install shelves on the Living Room wall
9.  Do some yard work
10.  Put the mats under the washing machine so it will stop moving

That's a lot of stuff.  I am hoping to have company / help but we'll see.
If you're available to help out, let me know.  I'll even feed ya!

SHOUTOUT _ [ profile] nobodyhere  do you want my yard compost container?  I don't use it.

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So K, had a sleep over with her hyper friend D. The plan was to keep them up late and they'd sleep in...

Ya huh! Not so much!

6am I have to little girls snuggling into me, one on each side whispering "paaaannnnncaaaaakkkkeeeesssss".

I manage a half hour more or so of them nudging me every time I started to snore, before I banished them to Saturday morning cartoons!

By 8am we have pancakes, with fresh strawberries and raspberries on top, and I make MEAN pancakes if I do say so, myself!

Not sure what the day will bring, depends on if it clears! If it does, we are likely headed to KIDSFEST in Guelph, and to Bulldog Interactive Fitness where I'd like to send K for a week of summer camp.

If it doesn' will become, find the kitchen, laundry, sweep and mop day...hopefully with a movie and a NAP thrown in for good measure.

Have a good day all!

Tech Woes

Jan. 11th, 2009 09:01 am
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Spent about 4 hrs with remote assistance last night soting stuff out.

Things got stabilized.  Predominant issue seems to be between Window's Media Center and VISTA.  I couldn't leave well enough alone.


Media Center is an operating system onto itself that appears to sit on the Vista platform (as least that's how my brain is getting it).  I thought I could go into the OS itself, i.e. media center and make changes to the settings in there, I might be able reload the O/S and resolve the problems.

Ya...not so much.

My big ass computer with the big ass lovely monitor is onw at 94% of a Factory Image Recovery.
Files are backed up, but ALL my other software will have to be re-installed.  AND I have to again (sorry Kev) go back through the system and eliminate the programs (from the factory) that I neither want, nor need.

Meanwhile - on the happier side of things... I may have a coffee date this afternoon. blown away by tech to do list before I can go out?
1.  Move packed up tree & decorations to the basement
2.  Mop main level
3. Finish dishes
4 Shovel out!
5. Shower!!!!!

Should time/motivation/energy allow - find floors in the upper level in order to vacuum.


WELL...I have click FINISH. now...cross body parts for me!

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2. Organize and start to wrap gifts
3. Dig myself out of the driveway (just where the plow went by, begging to neighbours with snow blowers optional.)
4. Meet up with friends for 1 at Kitchener Market
5. Come up with a dinner plan? Groceries?
6. Go SLEDDING????
7. See the night time lights at Waterloo Park with the kidlet
8. Complete whatever other tasks I can fit in... (i.e. Home Depot to get the right parts for a fix I need to do....etc...)
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and I have things to do.

It's already been a long week...

Here's hoping on a good nights sleep so I can get the kitchen clean in the am!
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- call Byma's a book appt for tire change & alignment
- get laundry rolling
- clean/organize my room again
- begin reading "Mind over Mood" on suggestion of CB Therapist
- go FIND a buy a CD holder so I can empty boxes still floating around my room
- Fill a box for VV and TAKE it there
- Clean out the car, and get it vacummed/washed out
- Drive a nail into the front step so it stops rocking
- Shower
- call colleague about the tree/bushes in my front flower bed to see is she wants them
- dig the damn things out.
-work on budget, factoring in use of new Visa
-store winter sweaters
- Get new filter for furnace & change it
- stop & pick up litter, to do a complete change of the cats box
-think about food and groceries

None of this is "BIG STUFF"'s all boring, tedious and...procratination inducing.

- I could add, go through music library and create a "motivation" libration... LOL
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- come to the realization that the damage to my back is NOT changing. And the RMT work will have to be accompanied by chiropractic work. I need to talk to the WSIB adjuster again, and complete some paperwork for him. I woke with a headache again this morning.

- seen the dentist for a cleaning and x-rays

- registered Kat for school in the fall.

Left to do

-eat something
- Ice my neck & shoulder as per chiro instructions
- review paperwork for WSIB
-book update shoulder appt with my dr.
- Follow up with KW Counselling
- Pick up Ethan
-Pick up Kat
- Dentist appt for Kat & I

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1. Finish Kat's dresser
2. Meet at Micheals 11am
3. Movie date at 2:30???? (Horton Hears a WHO)
4. Change main level toilet innards.
5. WORK (make up for yesterday's slacking)
6. Drop off chq to RMT
7. Visiit drug store & postal outlet
8. House hold maitenance _ sweep, mop, clean my room...the usual.
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Put "cryoderm" on sore spots
Bank (pay speeding ticket)

clean my room
to see...friend from TO???


Feb. 2nd, 2008 08:39 am
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*eat something*(done)

1. Make Bed
2. Shower / Dress
3. Shovel
4. Groceries?? **not happening, see below for replacement duties**
5. Pack for TO
6. Confirm plans for TO arrival
7. Sweep/Mop???
9. Go to Bank
10. Go to TO!!!!
**11. Anticipate TO** (ongoing)

Dishes, sweep, mop, pick up toys, install cabinet back in bathroom,

Am I missing anything on that list???
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I'm home again and looking forward to my own bed...

About to crawl into clean, brand new 400 - thread count sheets... A soft cream colour they are... I'm excited...not as much as I would be if i were sharing them...but there ya go...

Had dinner with my dad, and opened his gift after I got home. Pleasantly surprised by his choice. The money he gave Kat will go into her RESP.

Signed up to have 20$ deducted per pay to go directly to her RESP starting the first pay of the New Year. That's one financial goal off the plate for now.

Still not sure where I stand with [ profile] shadoridr and am waiting for permission to let myself in to collect my books and such. More on that...when I have emotional energy for it, and under a filter.

K made out like a Christmas bandit.

Tomorrow's schedule.

1. Dr's appt in Toronto 10am
2. Deliver [ profile] the_nita roaster (your house or your work love!!)
3. Collect weeboy's blankie from his Grandma's in Fergus (tentative)
4. Sort through some toys and such for "gift away"
5. Find a place for a kitchen set.
6. Decide when/if I'm headed to K-town by way of Belleville for the weekend.

***well THAT didn't work out would help if I'd gotten my appt time right this am...!!! Oh well, a coffee with an old friend in a leather shop, new PJ's and weekend pants...and a...busy afternoon......
Off to K-town via Belleville sometime tomorrow am...***

My list...

Dec. 8th, 2007 07:28 am
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Today's list...yup...lots on here that's...hopeful!!

1. Car to the shop for 8am
2. Zellers...perhaps find a dress for tonights Xmas party
3. Clean my room
4. Make cookies for exchange
5. Go through Nov's grocery bills
6. change sheets on my bed
7. wrap some presents
8. get stuff out to the compost
9. mop kitchen floor
10. Clean out the fridge!!
11. wrap and tie cardboard that wasn't taken this week
12. menu planning with the wife

that's a solidly intimidating horoscope knows me.

Comp Day

Nov. 26th, 2007 08:35 am
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On the to doom list...

1. talk to vet
2. book dental appts
3. get K's hair cut
4.  Get my bloodwork done
5. find CD case I want
6.  Sort out front hall closet
7.  Spend time snuggling my girl!!
8.  Write some...must be dealt with....stuff
9.  Nurse the sore throat..... (courtesy...[personal profile] curgoth)
10.  BE HOME

That being said...if someone wants to talk me into lunch plans... I'm the cell.  I come with kidlet.


Apr. 30th, 2007 10:18 pm
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Apparantly I'm hiding out. "who knew"

I'm in hibernation mode. Usually means my brain is working on something.

I'm reading. Really I am. I care..>Really I do.

Minor updates...

hrm...Wed _the BBQ of LUUUUUV arrives and the patio set.

Sat Night _ BENT... [ profile] trinshadow we need to discuss timings on this...i.e. are you crashing HERE with the kidlets?? just mine? Or is mine at chez vous?? These answers and more will influence ....whether or not I'm looking at...[ profile] ladygiggles&[ profile] knotty_mark for crash space!!?? oh and am I still planning dinner at [ profile] neeuqdrazil & [ profile] curgoth's?

Sun _ painting? [ profile] k_calypso can I count you in?

now...more hiding out.

I'm here. Really I am.


Jan. 13th, 2007 03:20 pm
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have a child with a cough and a sleepy mommy who have errands to run...

1. Find a Western Union
2. Register k for Ballet classes
3. deliver the meat
4. pick up a plate
5. groceries for food for next week
6. Pick up Echinecea so I don't get the kidlets illness

There's a start...that's the out of house list...Guess I should go make the oatmeal and my coffee, take my drugs and start my day!!

edit WOW, I got my errands done...didn't take the grocery list but I think I did ok... Even picked up Tofu cause K says we're having a guest that I have to make tofu for...??? AND snuck in a wonderful coffee with the lovely [ profile] much_ado and spouse [ profile] matthew_g, who were both freshly showered and smelling LOVERLY....

Home for the remainder of the day... SHOUTOUT to [ profile] i_love_my_jetta, the girl is pretty coughy so we'll have to wait and see on our attendance tonight...I'd rather not re-infect the Tribe members you are expecting...


Jan. 13th, 2007 10:23 am
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have a child with a cough and a sleepy mommy who have errands to run...

1. Find a Western Union
2. Register k for Ballet classes
3. deliver the meat
4. pick up a plate
5. groceries for food for next week
6. Pick up Echinecea so I don't get the kidlets illness

There's a start...that's the out of house list...Guess I should go make the oatmeal and my coffee, take my drugs and start my day!!


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