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Feb. 11th, 2012 09:03 am
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Is not sure how the day is going to shape up yet.
I have to pick up a parcel from the post office that I apparently paid to expedite somehow!!
Have to return the (damn near) 200$ blender that got purchased last Saturday to Sears and hope they give me new one!
Then Ikea is on the list - I have a waterproof mattress liner to exchange, then it's off to Hamilton for a bellydance performance.

I may or may not have a dinner date for that. The original appears to have flaked off, so I"ve invited another new friend to join me. I've reserved 2 tickets so....

Meanwhile, in other TO DO things, there is laundry, vacume, swim, and I brought home a plethora of WORK to do.

It's shaping up to be an expensive month already, and I just found out Madonna tickets go on sale on Monday!!! I'd love to see her live, and am thinking that I could take Katina!


Aug. 12th, 2009 09:52 pm
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- had an impromptu dinner party with M & her kids.  Know them because K goes to school with her daughter, and I've been going to church with them...yes...THAT church!!!  ran into them at the grocery store and decided to have dinner together, the company was nice and the conversation lovely, the kids play well together even if they DO NOT pick up after themselves

- so very very tired, talked to the pharmacist, this is a side effect of new meds

- bobbed around on Hamilton Harbour last night on a sailboat.

- couldn't get the heart monitor today....have to call and rebook

- worked from home, and napped a bit....not as productive as I'd have liked

- have to take time off tomorrow afternoon cause we got in for dental appointments on a cancelation

-still crushing on the fire fighter, doubt it's mutual (but that's actually kind of ok with me)

-have too much fresh veggies here, looks like I have to learn how to make stuffed zucchini!

- wanting another vacation

-have to take comp time in August - and get a vacation day back in the bank too!!
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on the bbq last night. And zucchini and peppers.  Had made a trip to the market on the weekend, now have to make sure i eat the stuff.

Made Corn, and some beans as well.  Have both colours.

I'm exhausted.  There must be a conflict in meds.  I am not sleeping.

I'l talk to work today, and call the Dr. as well.

Love it when I don't have to get Kat ready to go anywhere in the morning.

Hoping to get her out onto Lake Ontario on a sailboat, either one night this week, or on the weekend.

Go in tomorrow for the ambulatory heart monitor.

Puttering around the house regularly...have boxes of kid toys and too small little girl clothes to move along.

Framed my university degrees finally. Seeing as I graduated in 1996, I figured it was about time.

Did I mention the tired part!!!

Vacation was spent meting other peoples needs, as per normal, and too much time in the car.  Really have ot learn how to "vacation" better.  The boss is encouraging me to take a deal for Punta Cana with K or some other place south.

Got my caseload down to 18 before I left on the 31st of July.  Most of those I have ongoing recordings to get under control.  That's the plan for Wednesday around my lab appointment, is to work on some of that.

Babysitter should be here soon....ttyl
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Let's see... so many things left unsaid in so many parts of the world... I could make, and perhaps should make separate posts about various aspects of my life but that involves caring about filters ....  These days, I just filter everything that goes out here... Makes for way less drama and mashed fingers/toes.

But here goes the "one size fits most" update.

- is crazy crazy psycho crazy busy.  Sometimes I miss the concept of getting home and actually being DONE the days work.  I'm chronically behind and while I know that's normal for this job, there's times I wish i could feel a sense of a day's closure. 
- colleagues are fun, but a bad influence in some ways
- we are understaffed, again...wait...that's still
- I'm regularly reminded of peoples stupidity
-waiting for a posting to come up, considering a lateral move

- there's a 'get rid of it' box in every room, mostly K's toys and things
-have to walk her dresser drawers to the neighbour for fixing
-situation normal otherwise, though I picked up a dehumidifier for the basement and am AMAZED at how much water it can pull from the air
-want company to work on the garden/yard stuff - hate doing outside by myself

- Spartakin, the kitten, is crazy  - 'nuff said
- Hime hasn't killed him yet - 'nuff said

- my daughter remains the coolest, most exasperating child on the planet, with a BRUTAL sense of humour
- K is away with her dad this week.  while I miss her, I also appreciate the silence

- have a few regular dating partners right now.  Some kinky minded, some not
- one fellow I'm keen on to build something...we'll see where that goes

- not great
- dystolic blood pressure is too high, wearing an ambulatory monitor for 48hrs after I return from vacation
- sleep - sporadic
- smoking - mostly quit..if I'm not around someone smoking, I have no desire for it  ..this is where colleagues become a bad influence

Self -care
- stopped seeing "the capital R" a while back, have been doing my own work...ACOA and otherwise
- assessing, and being assesed for the big BP
-discovered that this earthy sign needs more water time....
- aware that emotional and sexual intimacy are VERY DIFFERENT for me...and working on finding a way to work on that
- reading as much as ever

- that my ex and I can not only deal with each other with respect and courtesy, but even actually LIKE each other a bit still (speaking for myself here of course)
- that I have friends and lovers who want to be part of my world
- my daughter!  IN all her glory and chaos
- my job - despite the stresses and challenges...its a fortunate thing to have and I'm enriched by the people I encounter
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1.  So very tired all the time right now...some sleep issues, mostly just needing more balance between the resources I put into my work and what I require to function out of there!

2.  Overworked - too many files, too much mentoring others, not near enough hours in a day

3.  Keeping my head above water, most of time, when it comes to home maintenance stuff....currently seeking advice on the purchase of dehumidifier, any experts willing to throw in a couple cents!

4.  K is LOVING Bulldog Interactive Fitness Camp for kids.  Even if she comes home regularly bumped and bruised!

5.  Still keeping my romantic life complicated.  Though there's a new interest on the horizon, in Hamilton of all places!!

6.  Missing time with friends, but have limited spoons anyway. 

7.  Spartakin (otherwise known as snotbag, or hellcat) truly thinks he should be an outdoor kitty or at least be able to gnaw through my arm...especially at 2:30am

8.  I remain confident in my own conversations with god.

9.  K has her own email.  If you want to sent her message, let me know and I'll put you on her contact list!  We'll work on her "blog" next.

10.  I like double digits
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- Home today with K, she's got a sinus thing as evidenced by the fever, the crankiness, and the BIG DARK circles under her eyes, emphasized by a LOT of green boogery things coming out her nose.
- Good Easter Dinner on Sunday with Family and friends!! I can put together an awesome dinner party when I put my mind to it.
- Laundry mostly caught up. This is a rarity
- Still having issus with the upstairs loo....may have to replace the tank...grrr.r
- Have a garage door that works again!!!
- Love the new car, even if it taking a while to adjust to the extremely narrow friction point!
- REALLY aware I have been "kinked" in a while.... to that end, May's BENT is pencilled in
- More Union training coming up...
- feeling more "competent" in my day to day work, gearing myself up to start the Master's research - where, how much etc...
- Looking for a summer plan for K, have a room available for the summer, if there is interest in providing daytime child care! I am good at barter!
- Have an interest in a fellow. We'll see where it goes.
- Sleeping MUCH BETTER...makes it harder to get started in the morning though..
- Enjoying the sun, and feeling the solar power effect kicking in, got the front yard raked yesterday, and know I need Gas for the BBQ cause I've used it already!!!!

Them what's want to, know how to find me. Still reading. Less with the writing. More with the living.
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My throat hurts.

I'm teary ALL THE TIME...have a file that is positively sucking the life out of me.

I can tell I'm out of the habit. I'm tired and achey... feeling lazy and ready to crash when I walk in the door.

The shoulder/neck is sore again, I see the chiropractor again tonight. There were moments today of pure nausea.

Dealing with insurance has been tolerable and the conversation with the adjuster today was more positive than the one on Friday.

These are the days I wish there was someone to come home to.
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Haven't been updating much...when the thinky thoughts get big, they get the paper journal.

Let's see...

Vacation this week has been alright. Still need to go run the credit to see what I qualify for in regards to a new car. Insurance has not called but the body shop told me they recommended it for write-off. I'd like a 2009 Corolla, but realize that I may have to purchase something "new to me" as my mortgage is high and I can't change that for another year.

Kat & I are learning to play Yahtzee. She rocks at being banker for the Game of Life, and we've played several rounds of Battleship.

Making Cabbage Soup today.

Have a date tonight.... This lovely fellow is NOT going to become a regular on the calendar (though I'm not sure who I'm trying to convince!!) He's fun, good with computers, tattooed and pierced...*gee, I wonder if I have a type!!* oh...and he's not available for long term involvement... (there's that TYPE again!!!)

Going to TO tomorrow to hang with knotty_mark and ladygiggles, just because! It's been a while and I need more Babylon 5!!!

Still learning to trust that other people know themselves better than I do and that "reading between the lines" is not a good idea.

Would seriously like some closure regarding a few other things in my life...I have DVD's to return after all, but from what I can tell, am being blocked from communications. I suppose I'll have send an email to discuss. Why is it, I always get to play the adult!?

Play date this afternoon!! Hurray!!

OH - I have a WHOLE VASE full of Peacock feathers in my living room, including white ones!! I love my friends.

I hate dating sites!!!!

Health - is so/so.... The Whiplash from the accident is settling rather well. I only see the chiro twice a week now. Sleeping is going ok I guess, I think I'm dreaming finally...not that I like the experience....but I have moments during the day where I have to think about things that I remember and ask myself "hey, was that a dream?" Very odd experience for me!!

I am ...content.
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Just waking up from an evening out with the girls.  We usually go to the Whitehouse, here in Peterborough, when I'm in town, but last night was a special treat!  We went to the Corral in Oshawa.  It was wonderful to be surrounded by the country music and watch a bit of two-stepping going on.  That being said, it's still a bar, which got crowded and filled with stupid drunk people.  I was home by 1am.

What did the evening bring to mind?  How much I miss having someone to 2-step with!  How much I like having country music in the background... How much I want to talk to the older people and not the young pups...Then the older peope get overwhelmed and don't know how ot handle my flirting!  And by older,  mean maybe between 45 and 50!!

I look around my girlfriends place and think about "house pride" and recognize that I have some right now.  I havea  list of things that need to be done.  Some of it I can do, some I will eventually have to hire out.  But it's important to me.  I also appreciate having the cleaner space and recognize that it's worth the effort to me to keep it that way.

Kink is on my mind a lot lately.  There's been none in my life for quite some time and I'm feeling the lack.  I may have an option for addressing that, since BENT is out of the question right now due to other plans and the closing of the venue.  I've been talking with a few people who might be able to assist with meeting that need and am trying to work out some scheduling and boundaries.

Time with the girls is also good for time in my head.  It lets me see different kinds of ways to live my life.  All of us have our issues and vulnerabilities....yet we can freely challenge each other about them and take it in stride.  We see the mistakes each other make, and talk about it...but allow that person to make the mistake regardless.


mmmm...I'm feeling restless and have gotten disctracted with chatting...time to table the rest of this for later.

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Feeling better lately. I'm waking feeling rested, though still struggle with the weekday routines. Allowing my body to wake naturally seems to work best, but means that I wake around 7am or 8am. Which is later than I need to awaken during the work week.
I do not take my meds regularly. I've been taking them on ...essentially alternating days. I slept with the CPAP last night for the first time in a week. I feel the same.

My brain space, is much better, it's amazing what a clean home can do for that. I've been able to maintain most of what the "tribe House cleaner" accomplished for the last week or more.  And it's inspired me to get more done.

I went on a ...date on Friday night...which was interesting but he wanted to move significantly faster, in a direction I did not want to go.  However, managed well enough when I informed him it was time for him to leave.  Yesterday, there was beer tasting at Grand River Brewing company, and I found something I like!!  The company for that tasting, and the subsequent coffee was pleasant and enjoyable.  He's poly with a primary partner, so being friends is the extent of where that interaction will be going.  We have lots in common, and talked well.  I'm keen to meet his wife, as she has a Master's in Social Work and it seems we'd have lots to talk about.  Today, there is a coffee date at 2pm, with a fellow who I'm quite keen on.  Although, having run through the WTF report on OKCupid with our match, I'm seriously wondering how this is going to go!!!! 

[livejournal.com profile] zagatto  has fixed K's computer and it will return home with me, when I pick her up.  I'm lookng forward to putting some effort into fixing my own machine!! 

I still have the Jerker Computer desk available if anyone knows anyone who might be interested. I haven't gotten around to getting it on Kijiji.

Went to [livejournal.com profile] mylostmarbles birthday shindig last night.  It was wonderful to see people I haven't seen in a while, though I struggled with the volume and multiple conversations at one time.  I can tell it's been a while since I was out to a full social gathering.  I've been spending my time amongst smaller groups and that has impacted my abilitity to be comfortable in those larger settings.  My anxiety goes up!  That being said, I was able to take the moments I needed to get it under control and also get some lovely girl contact moments!!  And I'm now officially considering hiring [livejournal.com profile] psychedelicbike as my official hair puller!!!  It's been so long, I forgot that could actually bring quiet to my chaotic mind....

This week is a short work week for me.  I've booked Thursday as Vac, and Friday as well since it's a PA day for K.  I have lots to do in that short week (especially since I haven't done any overtime work this weekend) but that's ok.  I"m looking forward to going to [livejournal.com profile] utsi 's Wednesday night and getting caught up since I'm sure it's been YEARS since we've hung out.  Then it's off to mom's for a visit.

Today - vacumming will happen before I go for coffee, and it looks like I have to shovel again!!

Overall - things are good.  There's a few niggling, "requires closure" stuff at the back of my head, but I have to wait on those.  I'm not in control of that, and those people with whom closure is required, do not seem to be ready yet.  I'm ok with that.  In the meantime, I am continuing to move on, in the same direction I was heading before the blast...One step, and one day - at a time.
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I spend a lot of time mad in this job. I don't like that.

My iron and B12 are low. I've been instructed to get a supplement.

My cycle is ANNOYING ME (either start or don't, seriously!)

Carbs make me sleepy

I should pick up mail more than once every 3 weeks.

Bills are paid (surprisingly none are overdue)

Time to relocate the computer....but can't until after Rogers comes to move the cable, that's scheduled for the 30th

I'm on emergencies tomorrow....AND have to figure out how to get the kidlet's stitches out...

I'm looking foward to hanging my stained glass, Face of Janos....

Everything has meaning.
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This week needs to be DONE already.

1.  Computer still fubarred...sorting out getting discs from Dell.
2.  Sleep sucks
3.  Work crazy
4.  Water Heater is leaking - service dude coming tomorrow
5.  Spent this afternoon at GRH getting pretty blue stitchs in the kidlet's chin. Only 3 and the first set ever...AND she is past the 6yrs of age mark...it's all good.
6.  DANGEROUSLY low in spoons.
7.  Do NOT want to go away this weekend, but made committments
8.  Manageing to keep up the dress code.
9.  Struggling to keep my temper in check with clients
10.  HORMONAL.!!!!



Did I mention that this week needs to be DONE already?

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1.  My health.  I got a call from my Dr. today, she wants to discuss some results from my most recent bloodwork but it can wait until my next scheduled appointment in January!!!! Hello - that stresses me out.
2.  My skin.  I'm on Accutane.  It's...variable.  Some days I think my skin looks better, other days I bleed so easily that a scratch causes a mark.  Further more, the side effects of the medication include -sleep problems and mood swings...
3.  Sleep problems - still variable.  Some nights I get crappy sleep, other nights it's great.  The nights it's great, I have a harder time the next day.  The nights it's bad, I mostly can cope...the days that I sleep bad, I get more emotional....that's really difficult...combine that with my hormones...and it's interesting!
4.  Mood swings...let's see, depends on where I am in my cycle, and how much sleep I get.
5. House...not where I want it to be....depends on how much energy I have at the end of any day.
6. Parenting...is becoming downright fun...K's personality grows by leaps and bounds daily...though I have to admit I worry about her.  She hasn't been eating well in the last little while and her sleep is not great either.  She regularly has bags under her eyes and wants to cuddle.


1.  To quit smoking... I'm out, and do not intend to purchase more.  If I have them, I smoke them.  I'm away from work for 3 days next week, which pulls me away from the predominant enablers....This will all help.
2.  To start getting some exercise....Would you believe that I'm happy the snow it here, cause if forces me outside and moving...
3. Get some company here to keep me sane while I work on each room in the house, and set up a routine for maintaining it.
4.  To work my way through the to do lists that I'm finally getitng out of my head and onto paper.
5.  To try to remember what my homework is supposed to be from the CBT that I keep paying to see.


There's more...but it's taken me hours to put this much down, so that's it for now. 

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Well, I'm officially back online. I haven't taken any time to write a real update, but have lots brewing in my head.

Things on the easy share, open filter...:

L is leaving the country. I'm in Lakefield now, after a night out with the girls to see her off in style. Fun, predictable night out with the girls...and I love the shoes!!!!

Friday evenings is becoming "get lost in your car by spending time lost in your head" night.

Possibly prescription for Accuane on the horizon...

I think Mott's Garden Cocktail has given me a rash.

Swim class starts this Sunday.

Plan: Monday afternoon, will involve the boiling down of mint to make Sekanjabin, wanna come keep me company?

House is slowly settling into a rhythm. Still have a few things to get moved around, including a couch. *psychedelikebike, if your buddy is up for being help, I'd like that*

That's about it for now. Back to playing with the puppies.
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...Gave up vacation days. Decided I wasn't going to KG... No desire to be in a new environment, with bugs, and no electricity. Decided to head North originally to the cottage I went to a few weeks back with Tye. Then I chose to give up some Vacation days. My colleague went off early on her pregnancy due to complications and work is crazy. Between that, and wanting to clean/paint and relocate stuff in the house while I'm on vacation, there didn't seem to be much point in taking it the beginning of August.
So... I moved my vacation to the first week of September. Hopefully then, I'll still have nice weather, and be able to get done the things on the list in my head.

so.. .I'm now hoping to have some friends over to my mother's cottage on the long weekend.... anyone up for a road trip?
Course I have to negotiate with the house sitter. My mom is on her honeymoon. She got married on Friday. It was lovely albeit exhausting.
Enjoyed the weekend...May have gotten poison ivy. Definitely got attacked by razor/sticky grass.

Still supposed to be recording/working from home 2 days per week. It's not working that way. Between legal consults and meetings, I'm ending up at the office...which means very little recording actually gets done, cause I answer the stupid phone when it rings.

Hopefully seeing Batman with a new date on Friday night.

Child Free for a WEEK~~~starting Friday night, and I have 2 days off during that!! I'll likely be at my mom's or up North...Perhaps an old fashioned corn roast with the high school crowd is in order.

I miss having someone to come home to crawl into bed with... There are days, my firiends, there are days.

Other times, I'm glad to have the bed all to myself. Those are the nights, I've been tossing and turning and tearing the sheets off.

Sleep is...well, sporadic. I'm making up for a woeful lack of it last weekend, and paying dearly this week, by dragging my arse out of bed each am. I really REALLY needed those low-key recording days this week, but it just hasn't been able to happen. I hate being a Type A sometimes.

Trying to wean myself off of Imovain, with the use of Mugwort tea...it's knocked me out pretty good last night...but I didn't stay out. Not sure if that was the tea, or what. Not trying tonight... I have a big bad meeting in the am with a big bad dude, and I want to be sharp, which means RESTED...so I'll go for the chemicals tonight and go back to my tea experiment tomorrow night.
Really aware of how different I feel when I sleep and when I don't.

K caught frogs like crazy on the weekend and is still making up for lost sleep because of the excitement over frogs and weddings.

Well, that's a bit of an update... I'm fading really super fast...time to sort my meds out, make a call I promised I'd make and go from there.

"red sky at night, sailor's delight"


Jul. 8th, 2008 09:03 pm
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- Just dropped over a grand on my very own personal CPAP machine.... Insurance will cover over 1/2 that, which is good
- Packed most of the kidlets room today 4 boxes and I am not entirely sure I dented it. One box to my car for the office. One box for give aways
- Putting some thoughts into what will go where when the housemates get moved
- likely not going to Kalaidescope Gathering, more discussion on that to follow with the relevant parties
- Got a letter from a ghost today. I wish she'd come home.
- My hydro bill SUCKED
-haven't been to work since last Wednesday, I'm off Tue & Thurs for medical accomodation, but Friday and Monday I was too sick, tired and migrainish to drive in. I'm dreading tomorrow.
- Clearly getting "better" in the sleep department, I've had dreams...not good dreams...but dreams none the less
- CARNIVALE is twisted twisted twisted
- sorting through my music library is NOT GOING TO BE FUN
- EGADS I have too much music
- Dating websites are NOT FUN
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- come to the realization that the damage to my back is NOT changing. And the RMT work will have to be accompanied by chiropractic work. I need to talk to the WSIB adjuster again, and complete some paperwork for him. I woke with a headache again this morning.

- seen the dentist for a cleaning and x-rays

- registered Kat for school in the fall.

Left to do

-eat something
- Ice my neck & shoulder as per chiro instructions
- review paperwork for WSIB
-book update shoulder appt with my dr.
- Follow up with KW Counselling
- Pick up Ethan
-Pick up Kat
- Dentist appt for Kat & I

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Let's see...

Read more... )

HealthRead more... )

PhysicalRead more... )

HouseholdRead more... )

Read more... )

RelationshipsRead more... )
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My world has gotten crazy lately..

Relationships )

Work )

Home )

That's it for now. There's many people I'm missing as I've been too crazy to maintain contact. Still thinking about you.

Hoping to make it to One Acts & FASS.

oh..and thank god for decent sleep drugs!!
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I'm home again and looking forward to my own bed...

About to crawl into clean, brand new 400 - thread count sheets... A soft cream colour they are... I'm excited...not as much as I would be if i were sharing them...but there ya go...

Had dinner with my dad, and opened his gift after I got home. Pleasantly surprised by his choice. The money he gave Kat will go into her RESP.

Signed up to have 20$ deducted per pay to go directly to her RESP starting the first pay of the New Year. That's one financial goal off the plate for now.

Still not sure where I stand with [livejournal.com profile] shadoridr and am waiting for permission to let myself in to collect my books and such. More on that...when I have emotional energy for it, and under a filter.

K made out like a Christmas bandit.

Tomorrow's schedule.

1. Dr's appt in Toronto 10am
2. Deliver [livejournal.com profile] the_nita roaster (your house or your work love!!)
3. Collect weeboy's blankie from his Grandma's in Fergus (tentative)
4. Sort through some toys and such for "gift away"
5. Find a place for a kitchen set.
6. Decide when/if I'm headed to K-town by way of Belleville for the weekend.

***well THAT didn't work out right...it would help if I'd gotten my appt time right this am...!!! Oh well, a coffee with an old friend in a leather shop, new PJ's and weekend pants...and a...busy afternoon......
Off to K-town via Belleville sometime tomorrow am...***


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