Oct. 9th, 2009 08:53 am
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Headed out of town for Thanksgiving.

Wondering why today's planned "bombing of the moon", hasn't gotten mre media coverage.

Good company for the trip to Guelph, sorry I had to bail on getting her all the way home!! *blush*

Have a good weekend all!!!
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Well, didn't end up going to Lakefield to help with the puppies...
But due to clear weekends, got some company and adventures and help anyway.

[ profile] nobodyhere came over with her wee one, and we spend the weekend.  Friday night, I still have to go back to Guelph to work, so dropped her off at the dog park and after I was done, we went for Pho...always a good thing.

Back here, it was fun watching Spatakin try to decide what to make of the big four legged beast in his house.  I discovered that having a dog visit is good motivation for finding the random thinks skullling about on the floor and dealing with them!

Sat morning, was a nice long walk, naps, and clearing bookcases.  As well as replacing the innards on the toilet of problems again.  When that didn't fix the problem, took some stuff to VV and stopped to talk to plumbing type people.  The dye trick was suggested ot see if the porcelin is cracked, as I've done everything else they could suggest!.!!

Then it was an impromptu dinner party at the boys place, another drive full of True Blod for me, another sneak peek at another jawdropping tv series to be highly amused and offended at, and a watching of Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog.

This morning, was walkies, moving bookcases, rebuilding the deacon's bench, and getting [ profile] nobodyhere home.

Spartakin clearly missed her companion.  She has curled up on his "blankie" for a nap.  I've had a nap, and now to tackle more pieces of the to do list before the kidlet is back underfoot early cause her papa ha been called into work.!!


Dec. 21st, 2008 10:46 am
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I'm sure there were parties this weekend....either I forgot, wasn't invited, or put them out of my head as not child-friendly.

Instead, Saturday morning, looked like tidying the kitchen!! (more like finding it, but whatever), digging out of the driveway, hitting up Kitchener Market with the boys!!. I'm reminded that every time I go there, I get anxious...really bad design for people flow, I didn't realize how spoiled I was by the Hamilton Market. From there, to the Liquor Store...and the dollar store for stocking stuffers....and home for a rest.

I believe I dozed off, after giving Kat a bite to eat, cause the next thing I was aware of was her saying it was dark enough to go see the lights at Waterloo Park.

Now we were going to Toronto for dinner and hanging out, but R wasn't going to be with her mom, and that just sounded like a recipe for me to spend the night being mauled by my own extremely bored 6yr old.

She wakes me up, it's dark, it's cold, but I'd promised I'd take her to see the lights before Christmas, and am rapidly running out of evenings that don't include school the next day!!...

So we went to see the lights. Got very cold...stopped at Sobey's to stock up on all the fixin's for Hot Chocolate...and came home.

We watched some media while we had hot chocolate, and then off to bed.

Today, encompasses, making gingerbread cookies, convincing K to put her clean clothes away, sweeping, and apparantly ...shovelling! eventually.

Doesn't look like I'm headed anywhere today. Between not wanting to be bothered, and not being able to play Santa with K underfoot...there's not much point.

Stay warm!
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I went up north to the Madawaska River, just at the base of the Algoniun Park. Absolutely beautiful. I went with T, who was my best friends boyfriend in High School. Facebook being the evil thing it is, I've been talking to him pretty regularly for almost a year. We've connected when I've been at my mom's for a quick visit at times and over Easter, that's who got my messed up self back home safely!!
He had work to do up there on the family Cottage, so I went with him. Not knowing what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised and welcomed the silence. I spend some hours on the dock, watching the waves, and a beaver float by me. I chased minnows, and picked wildflowers. I read Walt Whitman.
I confronted some prejudices of my own that I thought I'd given up, and smoked way too many cigarettes and more than one kind.
I recieved a massage that walked images through my head, that I still don't understand.

There was a lot of vulnerability. Emotionally, physically. We talked a lot. He's an interesting person and I'm grateful for the space I'm in now. Two years ago I couldn't have handled his ability to cut through to the quick and challenge what he perceives. I'm in a better space for that now.
Our goals are similar, our paths very different. But I've found another space I can feel safe.

I've been in my head a lot. And talking with T was a great challenge. I almost feel equal cause I think I"m challenging him on a few things too. There are questions I was asked that I don't have full answers too, like..."how can I complain about a sore nipple but talk about being flogged and whipped?" There's a deeper answer to that one, than I am aware and that's perculating under the surface right now. I have reinforced my awareness of my patterns of the people I choose to involve myself with. I've also reinforced that I can be emotionally neutral and still be honest and vulnerable and intimate. I know neutral sounds like a bad thing...but it's not in my head at this time what I would consider bad. At this time, it's simply needed.

I'm not sure where things will go from here, and am quite alright with that.

I started this post a while ago, and then laid down and FELL ASLEEP!!!! That was awesome. I have to run an errand, then I intend to sleep again. Maybe I'll be able to feel like I can handle my job like this.
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At 10:30 there was a quiet, but solid knock on my door.

After that,...there was wine, giggles and WAY oversharing conversations with the neighbours...

Tomorrow is going to SUCK


May. 31st, 2008 05:41 pm
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So I was planning on AJS last night but it was a miserable day, so I watched Dexter and crashed.

Today I woke feeling...'rested'. Got the Neon into my name, hung out with friends, collected...stuff.

A nap was had.

Now I'm looking at going to AJS. I'd forgotten how used to doing things with people I've become. I'm actually fishing to get someone to go with me... What's that about? I've never had a hard time going out on my own. Yet I'm finding myself nervous.
Part of that could be because I had plans to spend time with lovers this weekend, and it's not happening. I'm feeling lonely, I admit it. But the nervous...that's just odd.

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I know I know...

I'm supposed to be at a Yard Sale...but I'm not.

Instead it was...cuddle watch a few bits of Spirited Away with a sleepy girl on my lap, enjoy time on the back deck in the sunshine keeping on eye on playing kids, pulling out the biggest of the dandelions, wondering about my compost and garden....showering and opening windows to let the cool breeze through.

I love the sun that my deck gets in the morning...course I realize it needs to be sanded and re-stained either this or next summer. *cringe*

Ah...soon enough, it will be off to the cemetary for a picnic with my girl...she's been bugging me for MONTHS to go there.!!!
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Today's plan is supposed to look like this:

1.[ profile] zagatto picks up Kat for the weekend
2. I shower, make my bed and pack an O/N bag
3. Possibly mop!!
4. Go to Toronto to...hang out in Kensington Market, spend private time with [ profile] gmhedon, go to [ profile] utsi's bday celebration
5. Wander home eventually...

REALITY at this early hour is suggesting
1. [ profile] zagatto picks up Kat
2. I shovel
3. I mop
4. I try to find all my tax info
5. Pay online bills & do taxes
6. LAMENT the driving conditions...

Here's hoping the storm watch has been lifted!!

*stupid weather iterferred with my last date with [ profile] gmhedon as well, the universe is conspiring I say...conspiring(


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