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The members of CUPE Local xxxx would like to take this opportunity to share with the Board of Directors the impact the most recent round of funding cuts by the Ministry and the decisions made by this board has had on the membership and the families that we serve.

In 2005/2006 the vision for the Ontario Child Welfare system reform was articulated by the Ministry’s Child Welfare Secretariat was that child welfare will be outcome-focused, balanced in its service approach, evidence-based, accountable and integrated, and sustainable and flexible. The seven areas of focus at that time was to transform Child Welfare into a preventative system, rather than a reactive system included the following: implementation of a Single Information System, an early focus on permanency for children, implementation of a differential response model, accountability to clients, the Multi-Year Results-Based Plan (a new funding model), research, and court processes.

The OACAS Funding Framework Committee worked closely with MCYS in an advisory capacity during the developmental phase of the new Funding Model. The committee submitted a response to this funding model in October 2005 to provide further advice and feedback to the Ministry. OACAS noted that that the problems and issues outlined its submission, if left unattended, will have an impact on the viability of agencies and their capability to deliver the mandated services.

OACAS has continued to advocate for funding stability and sufficiency for members. A submission was made to the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs during their annual pre-budget consultations to provide them with the facts and the context judged to be important when considering the OACAS ANNUAL REPORT 2005/2006 and the budget for child welfare for 2006/2007 and beyond.

The anticipated and recommended funding formula that was crucial to the sustainability of a preventative Child Welfare model has not been implemented by the MCYS resulting in the impacts anticipated by OACAS in 2005. Since October 2009, CAS's across Ontario have operated under a collective budget deficit of approximately $67 million at 37 agencies. Recently, Children and Youth minister Laurel Broten announced $22.5 million in 'mitigation' funding for 26 agencies. This funding provides only a stop-gap and leaves agencies considering program closures in order to address ongoing and compounding funding shortfalls. CAS agencies need stable long term funding to be able to protect children.

The implementation of the Ministry's transformtion agenda resulted in many changes to the way in which we service our cients While many of these changes have been positive for chidren and families, there have also been many problem areas that are now high-lighted by a funding formula that, in our view is devastatingly flawed and does not allow sufficient funds to deal with our Agency's current reality.


Members of CUPE xxxx are very proud of their role in the development of the Differential Response model implemented across Ontario Children's Aid Societies. Many of the now mandated programs in Ontario were strategies that members already used to support their families and protect the children within their community. These efforts were encouraged and supported by a management that often found the monies to support these vital programs in a funding environment that did not value the services and programs being provided. Even after the programs implemented by the membership became required for other agency's the management at ABC continued to place value on these programs despite the ongoing delays to changes in the funding formula which would reflect the new preventative measures of Differential Response.

The increased documentation and administrative requirements as a result of increased Ministry standards have made it harder for us to spend actual time with the clients that we support particularly in view of the new requirements regarding frequency of client contact. We recognize that the current economic climate, however we know first-hand that when the economy takes a downturn, our services to children and families become even more crucial. The preventative involvement with families is being lost, and members are again responding in reactive fashions due to time constraints, work loads, and a decrease in services that are available to support families in crisis.

The brothers and sisters who work as front line staff in a community experiencing greater job and housing loss, increased addictions and increases in domestic violence see their reduced capacity to spend time with families working through the immediate crisis, and being forced to make decisions that are impacted by an increased pressure from workload and Ministry timelines. In many cases, front line members are turning to Community Partners for support to find that many programs are no longer offered, resulting in fewer and fewer supports for at-risk children in the community. These members are turning internally to access the skills of the Family Support Unit and making more referrals to programs offered by the agency, including parenting programs.

The Family Support Unit, often referred to as the Family Preservation Unit is an integral element of the preventative work at this agency. This department is instrumental in keeping at-risk children in their homes. This close knit team of highy skilled workers, enter the homes of some our neediest families and provide them with support, encouragement, skills, and a sense of self-esteem and capability that primes the family for success. The supportive relationship that these members are able to build with the families they work with is fundamental to the program. A supportive relationship is something that develops with time, regular connections and worker availability to meet the families needs. Loss of members in this program results in workers who are less available, reduced connections and less committed time to the high risk families that need the in-depth support to address their issues and prevent their children coming into Foster Care.

Since the implementation of Differential Response, Front Line workers have sent more high-risk cases to this program in accordance with Ministry requirements that all preventative efforts are made to keep children out of Foster Care. As a result, the work in the Family Support Unit case loads have doubled. In the past, a member could spend upwards of 6 or more hours with a family per week. Due to increased case loads and fewer staff, this time commitment is no longer feasible. The result is that prevention work is often overshadowed by crisis management. Cases stay open longer. The intensive nature of the program as a prevention or reintegration measure is jeopardized. As the waiting list increases, families are not receiving the support they need to stabilize in the middle of the crisis which is the most effective opportunity for change in a family system. This all comes at a time when other services in the community and within the agency are being cut as well. As a result of less supports available to our high needs families, more children will either remain at risk for greater periods of time or will be brought into the Foster Care system.

Our children in care and the Foster Homes that support them are being increasingly effected by the funding cuts. Pressure is being put on foster families to increase their involvement and personal expenditures in working with our high risk children and youth. With the quality work that our membership does to keep children out of Foster Care, those that are apprehended and brought through the Court system tend to have high needs and be children who require strong proactive parenting and resources. Our foster parents are adapting to a new breed of children in care and continuing their quality service, but with the increased demands of front line and children's services members, they have less and less regular connection to the activities that are affectng the child in their homes long term life. The changes in the access to Volunteer drivers is also having a profound affect on children and foster families. Putting children's connections to their comunities and families at risk due to a lack of available resources.

As caseloads and Ministry demands for increased documentation, and information flow increase, the need for a stable and organized administrative and information technology system department becomes greater. The restructuring of the members of our administration department that is currently underway to create greater flexibility within the environment is supported by the members as a necessary change for agency sustainability.

Management has frequently requested feedback from the membership on methods of addressing the fiscal concerns plaguing all Children's Aid Society's and indicated that this feedback would be taken into consideration. The members of the Information Technology department have been developing strategies and planning for methods of generating revenue for the agency, a strategy endorsed by Management recently. However, with the current reduction in IT staff, resulting in the need for less available members to manage the IT needs of the entire agency it seems unlikely that the resources will be available to regularly follow through on these revenue generating possibilities.

Perhaps it is a communication issue. Some decisions that are made seem quite baffling when no explanation is given, for example: the promotion of an admininistrative assistant to a supervisory position, seems to contradict the message of fiscal responsibility put forth by management. It is understandable that management is under no obligation to explain their decisions to the membership, but when we see corporate supervisors with no staff to supervise and with seemingly overlapping responsibilities and duties, perhaps the membership would benefit from some hearing some of the rationale behind management's decisions.

The brothers and sisters of CUPE Local xxxx want to provide quality service to the families and children that we serve in the community of ABC. In order to continue to keep at-risk chidren in their homes, resources must be prioritized to meet families needs. Increased workloads, decreased programming, and a plummeting morale has a profound effect on worker retention, attrition, and well-being, all of which cost the agency money. Reducing stress, stabilizing and managing workloads are the only solution to ensuring quality service to the families in our community.
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One of my co-worker/friends was off last week.
I felt more comfortable in my job and capable while she was gone.

She is back today. And it causes me stress.

She is under the gun/radar with work, and has been talking with me about it. It makes me worry for my OWN job when she is talking about the things she's being disciplined for.

I'm just as far behind in recordings, my desk gets "messy"too.

We have different supervisors, so I do not know if that's part of the issue but I do know that 'being a friend' and letting her vent to me, makes me nauseated.

Not sure how I'm gonna manage this new awareness.

I do know that her boss immediately went to see her, after I commented that I was helping her with something. All it was, was changing the formatting of a document, but I got worried that she'd get in trouble for me lending her a hand. I totally do not know what the deal is.

But it's got me edgy enough that I'm planning to work from home a bit on Saturday to catch up some recordings.

I don't like this feeling.
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Another colleague has tendered her resignation today.

She found the stress was affecting her health and she was always feeling incompetent.

Sounds familiar. She'd been struggling for a while, and doesn't manage our boss' sense of humour the same way I do. We'd talked a few times about it, and she got an opportunity. She's taking on a supervisory position back where she came from, she'll be finished her Master's soon.

She's braver than I. I make damn good money, and I'm protected by the union. And I am rapidly becoming a senior hand on the floor. I can't walk on that, even though I desparately want to go back to school. All in good time.

With J gone, it's C & I who are the seniors on our team, A I'm still not so sure about, and L, well she's not getting it but they won't get rid of her with J leaving, we'll be too understaffed, and then her probation will be over and it will be too hard to get rid of her.

That's 4 people left on my team, 4 on K's team, and 6 on L's. We're supposed to be running with 6 or 7 on all three teams. We are seriously feeling the crunch.

And I'm back to not even wanting to try to go to sleep, cause it's not worth it anyway.

I've started the week tired, tired of fighting, tired of being hit and tired of not being heard. And that's just my work life.

Home today

Nov. 5th, 2008 06:33 am
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The kidlet landed in my bed last night...coughing and coughing...

Result: no sleep for me, and little for her.

It's a home sick day for her, and I'll try to get what work done that I can....wish me luck!
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I let my lack of self-worth trap me into a course of action, that may prove detrimental.

I'm annoyed. I know better. But until asked, didn't SEE what happened.



Jun. 6th, 2008 10:02 am
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My car is acting up
I got no sleep again last night.
I have a child who wants my attention badly.
I had problems logging into work from home.
I really just want to put my head under the blankets and put my mask back on....

I have an appt for the car for 1pm.  I have Kat with me, cause I couldn't figure out what else to brain is wicked foggy....

Oh ...and I got assigned a new file today. 

Call me a stress monkey.
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May 9, 2008

Remembering To Pause
Beyond Reacting

We have all had the experience of reacting in a way that was less than ideal upon hearing bad news, or being unfairly criticized, or being told something we did not want to hear. This makes sense because when our emotions are triggered, they tend to take center stage, inhibiting our ability to pause before we speak. We may feel compelled to release the tension by expressing ourselves in some way, whether it’s yelling back at the person yelling at us, or rushing to deliver words of comfort to a friend in trouble. However, there is much to be said for teaching ourselves to remember to pause and take a deep breath before we respond to the shocks and insults that can come our way in life.

For one thing, our initial response is not always what’s best for us, or for the other people involved. Reacting to childish rage with childish rage will only escalate the negativity in a situation, further ensnaring us in an undesirable dynamic. Similarly, when we react defensively, or simply thoughtlessly, we often end up feeling regret over our words or actions. In the end, we save ourselves a lot of pain when we take a deep breath and really tune in to ourselves, and the other person, before we respond. This doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t say anything, although in some cases, that may be the best option.

Some situations require a fairly immediate response, but even just a moment of grounding ourselves before we do so can help enormously. The next time you find yourself wanting to react, try to pause, and in that pause, take a deep breath. Feel your feet on the floor, the air on your skin, and listen for a response to arise within you, rather than just going with the first thing that pops into your head. You may find that in that moment, there is the potential to move beyond reaction and into the more subtle and creative realm of response, where something new can happen.


Can I have a do-over please?
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Well, not really, as in I'm not EATING lunch.  Again, I forgot to grab it, and I'm waiting for a school to call so can't leave my desk.

I had hoped to sneak out around noon, head to the "Doctor's Office" on University to see the guy who DIDN"T complete the WSIB paperwork when I was there on Feb 20th, and be back for my 3pm meeting.  

That's not happening today.  There's a young lady I need to go interview instead.  So perhaps I'll manage to wrap the meeting up early enough to p/u K and head to the clinic to get the Dr. to fill out the paperwork.

I hurt like hell right now.  I can't take the muscle relaxants when I'm working, cause they make me sleepy.  So I'm at work, no ice pack, spent 3 hrs in a meeting, and have an ache from my buttocks to tips of my hair.

I was adjusted by the new chiropractor last night, he wants to see me again this week.  He figures if he can't help me in under 3 weeks, he can't help me at all.  I agree with that remark and will be due to see the primary physician on 11 April 08 anyway.

Work related: over my recording days, I got 5 files closed (from 24 down to 19).  I have 2 more ready to close.  I've booked another week of recording time in order to play catch up with my ongoing files.  

I have vacation the last week of April.  I have no plans.  But I have a WEEK off....

Budget is UBERTIGHT for the next couple of weeks, because I am out of pocket on the chiro & RMT treatments I've been getting this month.  That sucks.

To be fair though, I have locked an amount away for a secured credit card, but haven't gotten the paperwork completed or the card yet.  I'm hoping to use it for my gas and those "online" purchases that I want to make.

Well, that's it for now...back to the grind.
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I spent some time being under the influence on Friday night, of several things. One of them a known pain killer. It worked. I spent about 48hrs, without the dull ache from my neck and head and shoulders. Too bad I'd had the alcohol and felt hungover as well. That beiing said.. I'm significantly more aware of the pain NOW than I was previously.

I saw a chidropractor for x-rays yesterday and see him for an adjustment tomorrow. I'm now using ice instead of heat. Hopefully this will help. Some how I need to find a way to work tomorrow.
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I was away to Port Colbourne yesterday for a funeral. Good talks with my cousin, saw unexpected people, and quiet time with family.

Today I'm working from home. Going to delay my drive to TO as long as I can...and wait and see what this weather intends to do.

Getting tired of not sleeping and being restless at night. Doing lots of late night reading on topics....interesting and challenging...

Off to make calls for work and "fill" my dayplanner for NEXT week.
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My world has gotten crazy lately..

Relationships )

Work )

Home )

That's it for now. There's many people I'm missing as I've been too crazy to maintain contact. Still thinking about you.

Hoping to make it to One Acts & FASS.

oh..and thank god for decent sleep drugs!!
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I'm teaching again...

I forgot how much I love it... I'm getting my groove back!!!

Oh...and the penalty for brilliance in my work place....= 2 more high risk cases....
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 - be writing my casenotes from Monday and today... (So as to maintain my "BRILLIAN* status with work)

 - be making a CD for my first belly dance class tomorrow...

Instead, I'm realizing that I'm so tired I can't see straight, and my throat is starting again...  Sleep drugs and my bed.. .NOW.

*p.s.  busy busy with work, meeting new interests, and looking forwards to a WEEKEND, I'm reading along but if you want/need my attention...DIAL my #*


Jan. 11th, 2008 07:06 pm
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I spoke too soon.

the port is fresh, the kids are safe.
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I hate days like this.
My Virgo tendencies are HIGH… which means I’m paying so much attention to detail and “getting the story straight” that it comes across like I’m “out to get them.”  So much for the strength’s perspective!!
I try to avoid direct client contact on these days. But they are great for my gathering of documentation and “facts” from collaterals in order to have things ready for court if that ever becomes necessary. My challenge becomes losing the sight of the forest, for the trees.
Oh and yeah… they are hormonally related. Thankfully I have some drive time today that will allow me to separate my….anal-retentiveness from my relationship building/maintaining skills.
Course, I’ve had to talk myself OUT of apprehending at least once today!!!
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I've been a child protection worker for three Christmas' now.

This is the 3rd Christmas, I've grieved the death of a child.

For the past 2 days, I've worked over 15hrs trying to keep one child safe and within a family unit. I wonder why I bother?
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Ontario Child and Family Services Act

"Duty to Report"
(Section 72 "Duty to Report Child in Need on Protection" from Child and Family Services Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. C.11 Explanatory notes before and after "Duty to Report Child in Need of Protection" are from the Windsor-Essex Children's Aid Society website)
Responsibility to report a child in need of protection CFSA s.72(1)
If a person has reasonable grounds to suspect that a child is or may be in need of protection, the person must promptly report the suspicion and the information upon which it is based to a children's aid society. The situations that must be reported are listed in detail below.
Duty to report child in need of protection

72. (1) Despite the provisions of any other Act, if a person, including a person who performs professional or official duties with respect to children, has reasonable grounds to suspect one of the following, the person shall forthwith report the suspicion and the information on which it is based to a society:

1. The child has suffered physical harm, inflicted by the person having charge of the child or caused by or resulting from that person's,

i. failure to adequately care for, provide for, supervise or protect the child, or

ii. pattern of neglect in caring for, providing for, supervising or protecting the child.

2. There is a risk that the child is likely to suffer physical harm inflicted by the person having charge of the child or caused by or resulting from that person's,

i. failure to adequately care for, provide for, supervise or protect the child, or

ii. pattern of neglect in caring for, providing for, supervising or protecting the child.

3. The child has been sexually molested or sexually exploited, by the person having charge of the child or by another person where the person having charge of the child knows or should know of the possibility of sexual molestation or sexual exploitation and fails to protect the child.

4. There is a risk that the child is likely to be sexually molested or sexually exploited as described in paragraph 3.

5. The child requires medical treatment to cure, prevent or alleviate physical harm or suffering and the child's parent or the person having charge of the child does not provide, or refuses or is unavailable or unable to consent to, the treatment.

6. The child has suffered emotional harm, demonstrated by serious,

i. anxiety,

ii. depression,

iii. withdrawal,

iv. self-destructive or aggressive behaviour, or

v. delayed development,

and there are reasonable grounds to believe that the emotional harm suffered by the child results from the actions, failure to act or pattern of neglect on the part of the child's parent or the person having charge of the child.

7. The child has suffered emotional harm of the kind described in subparagraph i, ii, iii, iv or v of paragraph 6 and the child's parent or the person having charge of the child does not provide, or refuses or is unavailable or unable to consent to, services or treatment to remedy or alleviate the harm.

8. There is a risk that the child is likely to suffer emotional harm of the kind described in subparagraph i, ii, iii, iv or v of paragraph 6 resulting from the actions, failure to act or pattern of neglect on the part of the child's parent or the person having charge of the child.

9. There is a risk that the child is likely to suffer emotional harm of the kind described in subparagraph i, ii, iii, iv or v of paragraph 6 and that the child's parent or the person having charge of the child does not provide, or refuses or is unavailable or unable to consent to, services or treatment to prevent the harm.

10. The child suffers from a mental, emotional or developmental condition that, if not remedied, could seriously impair the child's development and the child's parent or the person having charge of the child does not provide, or refuses or is unavailable or unable to consent to, treatment to remedy or alleviate the condition.

11. The child has been abandoned, the child's parent has died or is unavailable to exercise his or her custodial rights over the child and has not made adequate provision for the child's care and custody, or the child is in a residential placement and the parent refuses or is unable or unwilling to resume the child's care and custody.

12. The child is less than 12 years old and has killed or seriously injured another person or caused serious damage to another person's property, services or treatment are necessary to prevent a recurrence and the child's parent or the person having charge of the child does not provide, or refuses or is unavailable or unable to consent to, those services or treatment.

13. The child is less than 12 years old and has on more than one occasion injured another person or caused loss or damage to another person's property, with the encouragement of the person having charge of the child or because of that person's failure or inability to supervise the child adequately. 1999, c. 2, s. 22 (1).

Ongoing duty to report>
(2) A person who has additional reasonable grounds to suspect one of the matters set out in subsection (1) shall make a further report under subsection (1) even if he or she has made previous reports with respect to the same child. 1999, c. 2, s. 22 (1).

Person must report directly

(3) A person who has a duty to report a matter under subsection (1) or (2) shall make the report directly to the society and shall not rely on any other person to report on his or her behalf. 1999, c. 2, s. 22 (1).


(4) A person referred to in subsection (5) is guilty of an offence if,

(a) he or she contravenes subsection (1) or (2) by not reporting a suspicion; and

(b) the information on which it was based was obtained in the course of his or her professional or official duties. 1999, c. 2, s. 22 (2).


(5) Subsection (4) applies to every person who performs professional or official duties with respect to children including,

(a) a health care professional, including a physician, nurse, dentist, pharmacist and psychologist;

(b) a teacher, school principal, social worker, family counsellor, operator or employee of a day nursery and youth and recreation worker;

(b.1) a religious official, including a priest, a rabbi and a member of the clergy;

(b.2) a mediator and an arbitrator;

(c) a peace officer and a coroner;

(d) a solicitor; and

(e) a service provider and an employee of a service provider. 1999, c. 2, s. 22 (3); 2006, c. 1, s. 2.


(6) In clause (5) (b),

"youth and recreation worker" does not include a volunteer. 1999, c. 2, s. 22 (3).


(6.1) A director, officer or employee of a corporation who authorizes, permits or concurs in a contravention of an offence under subsection (4) by an employee of the corporation is guilty of an offence. 1999, c. 2, s. 22 (3).


(6.2) A person convicted of an offence under subsection (4) or (6.1) is liable to a fine of not more than $1,000. 1999, c. 2, s. 22 (3).

Section overrides privilege

(7) This section applies although the information reported may be confidential or privileged, and no action for making the report shall be instituted against a person who acts in accordance with this section unless the person acts maliciously or without reasonable grounds for the suspicion. R.S.O. 1990, c. C.11, s. 72 (7); 1999, c. 2, s. 22 (4).

Exception: solicitor client privilege

(8) Nothing in this section abrogates any privilege that may exist between a solicitor and his or her client. R.S.O. 1990, c. C.11, s. 72 (8).


(9) This section prevails despite anything in the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004. 2004, c. 3, Sched. A, s. 78 (2).

Duty of society

72.1(1)A society that obtains information that a child in its care and custody is or may be suffering or may have suffered abuse shall forthwith report the information to a Director.


(2)In this section and sections 73 and 75,

"to suffer abuse", when used in reference to a child, means to be in need of protection within the meaning of clause 37 (2) (a), (c), (e), (f), (f.1) or (h). 1999, c. 2, s. 23 (1).
Note: On a day to be named by proclamation of the Lieutenant Governor, subsection 72.1 (2) is amended by the Statutes of Ontario, 1999, chapter 2, subsection 23 (2) by striking out "sections 73 and 75" and substituting "section 73". See: 1999, c. 2, ss. 23 (2), 38.

Ongoing duty to report CFSA s.72(2)

The duty to report is an ongoing obligation.

If a person has made a previous report about a child, and has additional reasonable grounds to suspect that a child is or may be in need of protection, that person must make a further report to a children's aid society.

Persons must report directly CFSA s.72(3)The person who has the reasonable grounds to suspect that a child is or may be in need of protection must make the report directly to a children's aid society. The person must not rely on anyone else to report on his or her behalf.

What are "reasonable grounds to suspect?

"You do not need to be sure that a child is or may be in need of protection to make a report to a children's aid society. "Reasonable grounds" are what an average person, given his or her training, background and experience, exercising normal and honest judgment, would suspect.
Special responsibilities of professionals and officials, and penalty for failure to report CFSA s.72(4), (6.2)

Professional persons and officials have the same duty as any member of the public to report a suspicion that a child is in need of protection. The Act recognizes, however, that persons working closely with children have a special awareness of the signs of child abuse and neglect, and a particular responsibility to report their suspicions, and so makes it an offence to fail to report.

Any professional or official who fails to report a suspicion that a child is or may be in need of protection, where the information on which that suspicion is based was obtained in the course of his or her professional or official duties, is liable on conviction to a fine of up to $1,000.

Professionals affected CFSA s.72(5)

Persons who perform professional or official duties with respect to children include the following: ·

health care professionals, including physicians, nurses, dentists, pharmacists and psychologists·

teachers, and school principals·

social workers and family counsellors·

priests, rabbis and other members of the clergy·

operators or employees of day nurseries·

youth and recreation workers (not volunteers)·

peace officers and coroners·


service providers and employees of service providers ·

any other person who performs professional or official duties with respect to a child.

This list sets out examples only. If your work involves children but is not listed above, you may still be considered to be a professional for purposes of the duty to report. If you are not sure whether you may be considered to be a professional for purposes of the duty to report, you should contact your local children's aid society, professional association or regulatory body.

Professional confidentiality CFSA s.72(7),(8)

The professional's duty to report overrides the provisions of any other provincial statute, specifically, those provisions that would otherwise prohibit disclosure by the professional or official.

That is, the professional must report that a child is or may be in need of protection even when the information is supposed to be confidential or privileged. (The only exception for "privileged" information is in the relationship between a solicitor and a client.)
Protection from liability CFSA s. 72(7)

If a civil action is brought against a person who made a report, that person will be protected unless he or she acted maliciously or without reasonable grounds for his or her suspicion.

What will the children's aid society do?

Children's aid society workers have the responsibility and the authority to investigate allegations and to provide services to protect children.

A children's aid society worker may, as part of the investigation and plan to protect the child, involve the police and other community agencies.

How to contact a children's aid society

Check the telephone directory for the office closest to you. In some communities, the children's aid society is known as "family and children's services." The emergency pages in most Ontario telephone directories have the number to call to report to a children's aid society.

All the children's aid societies/family and children's services have emergency service 24 hours a day, so that you can call anytime.
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I have had no problems sleeping in several days, course I've taken my sleeping pills like a good wee girl, until tonight. I have been off work since Wed afternoon and tomorrow I go back.

My head is FULL of stuff. I can't settle down, I keep running through my head. Even to the point that I am having conversations about the reasons some stuff on the lists are not done. I KNOW what my dayplanner looks like for tomorrow...hell for THIS WEEK...and my shoulders are knotted and I want to cry just thinking about it. I wonder if this is the stuff that "stress leave" makes.... I've been FINE damnit.!!! Today I've been exceptionally cranky...and now just can NOT shut my brain down.

There's a rant/diatribe brewing in my mind as well....about who I am as a person and how I walk the line between worker and friend sometimes. Seems there are people on my flist and in my world in general who don't get that.

I purchased a new computer system today. I should have it before the middle of the week. BTW...This is what I bought. I'm all excited.

Currently, weeboy is whining a bit. I'm scared to go to him, in case I make it worse. Adapting to the household setup, family set up is proving...challenging for all of us. I may have to learn to play scrabble... I got my butt whooooooped!!

I am doing a lot of "paper journal" writing...mostly cause I have been offline and can carry that one with me. Bah...time to try to sleep again.
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The new family is moved in....settling has begun.  There's likely to be a slight delay in interweb connectivity expect some silence from the household.... I'm posting from work right now.

Yup work.  Still have a killer sore throat and a desire to curl into a ball and sleep, but I'm at work.  Thank ghods for Ibuprofen and Tylenol.  WHY you ask?  Cause my supervisor guilted me on Wed!!!  And now I'm here.  Trying to find a kid on my caseload who appears to be AWOL and a 14 yr old girl from a file I closed (in the summertime) who also appears to be AWOL..... Will be attending with Police on that one this afternoon.....

This weekend, I'm headed first to my mom's to deliver my kidlet for a visit, than off to Belleville for a visit with 

[profile] shadoridr help read some paperwork he's dealing with, and generally get some F2F time...then collect kidlet and go home..

Sunday evening will see the first of the "household" meetings.

Mon & Tues see me in Brantford for Forensics Training, and catching up with clients in the evenings (yup..planning on doing some O/T to catch up from this hell-cold) ... so I don't in trouble in Supervision on Wednesday.

I'm tired of being tired, and sore... and behind at work.  Have to find time for some blood work to be done (FULL WORK UP's been a while...)  Looking forward to these meds actually resolving the sore throat so that it's GONE.  I'm alternating between Hot and Cold stuffs to keep me going.

gah....time to head out.
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taking more medicine for the same symptoms that have the same active ingredient will NOT make you feel better faster...

It'll just make sure you OD on something stupid.

[ profile] zagatto is picking up the kidlet... I'm gonna drag my sorry butt to work to get my court papers done, and suspect that with one look at me, my boss will yell at me to go home...

I really really needed this PA day.


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