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locus_ofcontrol ([personal profile] locus_ofcontro) wrote2011-09-20 09:26 pm

is still

alive out here.

Pondering the need to start journalling again...does thinking about it get me one step closer to doing it?

Here's hoping.

*hugs* to all

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If you post about thinking about it, that totally counts in my book ;-)

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It does leave a record, which can be a handy reminder.

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If wishes were renovations, my house would be all done now :-)

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I did get your email! Next week - dinner?
This week is a short one for me, and I've now a wake/funeral to attend.

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was good seeing you :)
can't reply on the posting (i fail these days too)

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I'm finding it a great help to get back to journalling. Sort out stuff not FB appropriate and or to share more personal details with people I know. Or just to clear my head. In any case, you're not the only one making her way back to LJ :)