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I'm a tired girl with some piddly little things I want to do tonight for work before I sleep.
I'm sorry to be missing out on the housewarming party in TO...

But I have the best company in the world tonight.

My K, and her adopted little brother!! We're having a sleepover.

EDIT** too tired to work...both kidlets in MY bed...crashing now!!
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I'm still new to so much of these "conversations" and I'm now working through them with someone for whom even the language I use is alien. That being said, we're both here, and both talking.

[ profile] shadoridr's inaugural tribal gathering went, ...well, I believe. He likes my friends (and really, whats not to like??)

A few awkward sensations as [ profile] zagatto and I learn to be out together without being together and having Katina in the middle. But overall, a positive experience in my book.

My calendar for the week is....busy. I'm tired. I'm feeling connected.

All good things. Going for more snuggles cause I think...I'm UP for the day.
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It was a FAB evening last night. While things started out with me being late to arrive and having [ profile] curgoth waiting on my doorstep, we rapidly made up for lost time, grabbed food and headed to BARDS.

What a blast!! The TRIBE was in fine form, heckling, cackling and creating general mayhem to the utter bewilderment and amusement of the rest of the audience. I had a lovely time and got to indulge in the most wonderful [ profile] corbet-made Vegan cupcakes!! I'm telling you, this lady needs to teach me how to cook.

Onward to the Huether where even more general hilarity ensued with more than one member of the table blushing and choking on their drink was observed and encouraged!!

This morning was "rushed" to say the least since getting OUT of bed, was not high on my priority list!! Off to collect the kidlet, over to the cancelled Bday event, and then out to Cambridge for an impromptu visit with a colleague that's been on vacation for 2 weeks.

K & I arrived home around 6, got dinner and I've tucked her into bed, and am about to follow myself. I expect my phone to ring more than once tomorrow am, and a BDay party for the afternoon means the gift should probably get wrapped at some point.

The arrival of [ profile] shadoridr into town next weekend remains up in the air, due to abrupt and unapproved changes to [ profile] zagatto's work schedule, regardless, he assures me he'll be here ready to greet the tribe at next weekends BDAY event.... I have to wait HOW LONG???


Sep. 15th, 2007 06:25 pm
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To he that is allergic to calendars, obnoxious and a know-it-all.

He's also the Boy From High School (BFHS)...[ profile] shadoridr, this is the Tribe...Tribe...Meet [ profile] shadoridr.

Be gentle please, I like him!!
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After starting the day with a migraine (from actually HAVING blood flow to my brain for almost 15 hours and it now trying to constrict again!!) I'm feeling much much better.

Had an "interesting" time at the GIG and a discussion with the.....hrm....minister I guess you'd call him... that was apropros for me right now.
Lovely lunch with [ profile] trinshadow and family and then they came to help me clean my house.

Company and help is a lovely thing. I found my floor, K's floor and got the upstairs all vacuumed pretty. I got the stuff I wanted out of the bookcase out, and got my other "dresser" folded and organized. What passes for an alter for me these days, got shifted as well.

The ...hrm...what am I calling him.....the "hubby in law??" ... emptied the dishwasher for me...and dishes got done. [ profile] trinshadow (the new wife) ...taught me a domestic goddess trick for Mirrors that I can't wait to see in action....and she was more than willing to try to help with the migraine by launching a few good slashes at my shoulders!!!

oh...and *wefightfortarts* helped me vacume the stairs... He was very charming and helpful....though chasing the cats is NOT a good thing...

Hrms...I guess when all is said and done, I have a cleaner home, less of a headache, more idea of how this co-habitating thing is gonna work (since talk was consistent throughout), and a free, quiet evening ahead of me.

perhaps I'll move forward on the research into "Tantric Sex"


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