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Dec. 15th, 2008 07:13 pm
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I've been whining too much lately....

Too that end...

The goods

1. I have a job that I'm not likely to be laid off from, and that I can do well enough, that I am being asked to mentor on more and more occasions.
2. I have a fabulous daughter who entertains, charms and scares me...usually all in one day.
3. I have medical professionals who are willing to work with me to address my "issues".
4. I have friends and family who are going to ensure I'm not alone Christmas evening.
5. I have sufficient income to keep a roof over my head, meals in kitchen and clothes on my back.
6. I have the means to get my needs met, and sometimes my wants (these are not the financial ones.)
7. I have friends, even when I feel like I'm alone, who care and matter and who if I ask for help, will respond.
8. I have neighbours who keep an eye on me, and keep me company.
9. I have more control over my life than I think do, even in the midst of the chaos that is my mind, and is reflected in my house.
10. I have faith. That I'll get where I'm going.

The Guuds

Oct. 23rd, 2008 02:27 pm
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1.  I have an excellent Dr. who is walking me through the complexities of my health
2.  I can "surprise" a friend, and still get good dinner, and a VCR , *wink*
3.  I have sufficient funds to get the body work done on my car, and the people I've hired, do not make me feel stupid.
4.  I have a lead on getting the windshield done before winter.
5.  I have a new washer/dryer set coming tonight.
7.  I have friends who "grok" me.
8.  I have a job that, while challenging, interests and fulfills me.
9.  I have a puppy keeping me company for the day.
10.  I have a daughter who pulls me out of my shell & makes me play!!
11.  I have good books on "borrow" from a friend.
12.  I have co-workers who count on me, and come to me for advice.
13.  I have a fantabulous therapist!!!
14.  I have learned a lot about "just leaving it be."

I know it doesn't always sound like it, but I'm getting it together, whether y'all believed I could, or not.

My Life...

Jan. 19th, 2008 07:26 pm
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Does not suck.

The guuddds...

1. Supervisors who are "right."
2. Clients who "LIKE" kids.
3. Chats with people "strong enough."
4. New Friends whose kids get along with mine!
5. Boyfriends who...know what I like
6. Wives who make sure I'm fed.
7. TOILETS that aren't leaking.
8. Days bright enough for sunglasses.
9. A child who is patient, loving and friendly.

No indeed. My life, it does not suck.
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 - be writing my casenotes from Monday and today... (So as to maintain my "BRILLIAN* status with work)

 - be making a CD for my first belly dance class tomorrow...

Instead, I'm realizing that I'm so tired I can't see straight, and my throat is starting again...  Sleep drugs and my bed.. .NOW.

*p.s.  busy busy with work, meeting new interests, and looking forwards to a WEEKEND, I'm reading along but if you want/need my attention...DIAL my #*


Nov. 20th, 2007 09:32 pm
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To balance out the work side of my world...

I have a "wife" who makes dinner for extra bodies at the last minute...
I have extra bodies....who make me happy up to the last minute...even if I do kick them out!!!

I have an ex-partner who's taking the kidlet to St. Louis for American Thanksgiving....and she's EXCITED.

My computer has been shipped.

I 'ordered' my own rope!!

I have a date tomorrow with a lovely lady.....

and one on Friday with a studly man!!

I have a....something...that's too far away...that keeps me coming back...

I have colleagues that "get it" when I'm ready to square off with my supervisor and talk me down!!

I have an appt to get my winter tires put on...

I have Friday afternoon....OFFFFFFFF ...and possibly Monday...
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1. Being reconnected to the internet !!!
2. Being able to pay bills due to being reconnected!!
3. East Indian food metaphorically compared to "f***ing"
4. Crashing someone elses' date!!
5. Impromptu dinner's with my mom.
6. Nice weather and long walks.
7. Re-Connecting....
8. Clean Kitchen tables!!!
9. Upcoming dates and social opportunities
10. Good ...uhm...yeah...just good.... *weg*
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It was a FAB evening last night. While things started out with me being late to arrive and having [livejournal.com profile] curgoth waiting on my doorstep, we rapidly made up for lost time, grabbed food and headed to BARDS.

What a blast!! The TRIBE was in fine form, heckling, cackling and creating general mayhem to the utter bewilderment and amusement of the rest of the audience. I had a lovely time and got to indulge in the most wonderful [livejournal.com profile] corbet-made Vegan cupcakes!! I'm telling you, this lady needs to teach me how to cook.

Onward to the Huether where even more general hilarity ensued with more than one member of the table blushing and choking on their drink was observed and encouraged!!

This morning was "rushed" to say the least since getting OUT of bed, was not high on my priority list!! Off to collect the kidlet, over to the cancelled Bday event, and then out to Cambridge for an impromptu visit with a colleague that's been on vacation for 2 weeks.

K & I arrived home around 6, got dinner and I've tucked her into bed, and am about to follow myself. I expect my phone to ring more than once tomorrow am, and a BDay party for the afternoon means the gift should probably get wrapped at some point.

The arrival of [livejournal.com profile] shadoridr into town next weekend remains up in the air, due to abrupt and unapproved changes to [livejournal.com profile] zagatto's work schedule, regardless, he assures me he'll be here ready to greet the tribe at next weekends BDAY event.... I have to wait HOW LONG???


Sep. 3rd, 2007 11:56 pm
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I couldn't have asked for a better weekend to start my vacation.

My muscles ache from working in the lake, I have a mild sunburn and I'm STILL full of wonderful food.

It was fun.


Aug. 8th, 2007 09:51 pm
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K has a thing for "fluffing" my boobs...she says they need to be softer so she can cuddle them.

Sleep hates me unless I take sleeping pills...which are addictive...damn.

Work is insane.

I am more capable and valuable then I ever thought possible.

I'm considered "senior" staff.... LMAO

Having my own office ROCKS my world.

I have wonderful friends.

I LIKE windmills, purple sunsets and crackling fires.


New authors...i.e. Jack Whyte...
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A baby born with crack in her that safe and "so far" healthy.

Noam Chomsky on audio book.

Erich Froom's "The Art of Loving"


Predominantly _ one stop shopping

Co-workers with good advice and better ears

Friends with good ears and shoulders

Late night phone calls

Expecting Family and Friends


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