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Dead Raccoons are fine....dead beavers make me sad. I always want to stop and pull them off the side of the road.

House has a sale offer with conditions... Still showing (in case another offer comes in that is better) but I'm happy with the one on the table.
Have to decide what to do now.....

Rent?  Condo?  Buy another house?
Wanna look at going back for my Master's next fall....might be the last time I have the funds to do so...

Stressing cause I'm not stressing...hahaha

No real plans for today....maybe anoher day where I go hunt water with the kidlet...

anyone wanna find a beach with me?
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Today I discovered what the inside of my water softener storage tank looks like today.

My downstairs bathtup is currently FULL of salt pellets, mixed with a slushy mud!! Haven't decided the best way of disposing of all the meantime, the storage tank has been washed, and the area where it rests, is swept and mopped.

Here's hoping I'll be able to set it up again the way it was when I tore it apart.

I have loads of laundry on the go, the kidlet has been playing, bouncing and jumping and tormenting me while I work!!!

In other news, the kitten has managed to scratch most parts of my body. He particularly likes to climb around my neck with his little pin pricking claws!!

What's the rest of the day look like? finish what I started, perhaps a run to Canadian Tire to pick up underlay mats for the walking washing machine, finish laundry, finish cleaning the kitchen, put some thought into supper !!

and the day rolls on!
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Originally I planned to head to TO, for the evening so had Kat scheduled for a sleep over. Life did not fall into place so I chose not to go to TO.

Instead, I hung with neighbours. A bbq. Educating people about "what it is that I do", and finding out that my Water Softener needs to be emptied...

Overall, it was a pleasant evening to be outside, chatting with neighbours.
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T-stat was showing low bat, and I needed a new filter.

Changed the filter, changed the batteries in the t-stat.

Since I changed the batteries (this am) I haven't heard the furnace come on. It's cold in here, the tstat still says Low Bat - even though I've gone out and bought it brand new ones, & have reset it.

The fan will come on to the furnace, but the heater still isn't and I can't get the tstat to do ANYTHING.

Not sure what's going on...but really really don't want to pay 180 for the tech to come tell me what's up (which is probably a relight of the pilot) which I can't even friggin' FIND...

Why can't I find the pilot light? I know what it is, I thought I even knew where to look...

I'm irritable, and getting chilly. And I can't get an appointment until at least TUESDAY unless I pay the 180 diagnostic fee for a Saturday appointment!!!

Any advice?
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Anybody on my FList familiar with Norwex?

They claim to have cloths that can clean with no water, there's silver threading in their microfibres.

Any one know anything about this? Environmentally friendly, worth the cost? Company fair trade stuff???

I'm eyeballing [ profile] nobodyhere and [ profile] gracyelala, specifically cause it sounded like your cup of tea.

IF this product line sounds up your aisle, should I host a Tribal evening of it?
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So. Let's see. What's new?

First of all, my front steps. About 3 weeks ago, the bottom step started coming loose and has been increasingly rocky. With a fervour that defies description, I employed my master skills of destruction on the front steps, and one of the shrubs in the front flower bed, yesterday.

As is par for the course, my skills of destruction are remarkably overshowed by my lack of skills of CONSTRUCTION. Now, I'd thought it would be fairly straight forward, replace the stringers, replace the top...all done, new steps.

uh... No.

The universe has, fortunately, blessed me with people like [ profile] knotty_mark and his gloriously TOLERANT love, [ profile] ladygiggles, who ensured I had a secure, stable and remarkably SOLID set of new steps prior to leaving my abode this afternoon.

In other notes, I've been, somehwat ordered off work for a couple of weeks. A few reasons, not the least of which is the new medication that I've been prescribed for my "restless leg syndrome." Tonight I will take my first dose of" Pramipexole". The information phamplet warns that "some people taking pramipexole have reported falling asleep suddenly during their usual daily activities, (e.g. talking on the phone, driving.) In some cases, sleep occurred without any feelings of drowsiness beforehand." Uh...what? That's right. One of the side effects is, narcolepsy. Granted, it's a rare effect, but still....that being said, the choice to continue NOT getting sufficient REM sleep to replenish my body, mind and...spirit... I'll risk the medication. I've had enough close calls while driving as it is, by not getting sleep, I dont' mind parking the car and trying to remedy the situation. I'm told to expect my CPAP machine by the end of the month, and that it will make a world of difference in my life, motivation, health and outlook. I can't wait. Oh...we're also removing the potentially crazy making hormonal influence to help me ...NOT yell at my boss in the hallway.

I watched The Golden Compass last night, snuggling with [ profile] curgoth after a lovely dinner at The Rude Native. Yum....fiddleheads!! Great movie, so totally setting up for the sequel. I remember listening to this series (His Dark Materials) while commuting and wondering then, what animal my demon would have settled into. That's a pondering moment.

I have a dull ache in my muscles from my busy day of destruction yesterday, which included using my new push mower on the very long grass in my back yard, ripping out a damn shrub, destroying my front steps and generally getting up to whatever mayhem & mischief I could.!! It's a good ache...but a hot bath with epsom salts will be a welcome end to this day.
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[ profile] suburban_mom & I have established that I have a skill set that is GREAT with destruction...

Construction on the other hand/???

well, I have a front step in pieces... and it's gonna stay that way til someone rescues me.... VOLUNTEER accepted by txt msg to my phone!!!


Jan. 3rd, 2008 08:58 pm
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So I know a wee bit... I know I want to FIND MY DUCT DAMPERs....  the friggin' upstairs is COLD...I know if I adjust the dampers properly, it may help...

Problem the 1st...  it looks like each vent has it's OWN DUCT from the furnace to the vent....WTF?
Problem the 2nd... I don't see anything that looks like a damper handle on any of them...

I'd rather not pay 100$ to be talked to like a moron....(i.e. to find out I don't have dampers...)  Anyone with more know-how than me wanna come give me a tour of my ducting??
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The house of chaos welcomes you as we attempt to bring some Christmas cheer to it, through decorating... There will be a tree to put stuff on, a gingerbread house to decorate (expect the 5 year old on that one!!)...and willing participants to play scrabble.

BYO...whatever...nothing formal, nothing fancy.

Sunday Dec 2nd, 2007 from 3:30 - ....we kick you out!!!

RSVP here please.. .so I have SOME idea of #'s...
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1. Coffee/Breakfast
2. Load and prep crockpot for supper
3. Put away laundry bits
4. Drop Lee at church
5. Shower/ Dress
6. Review finances/budget
6b. Measure Kat!!
7. Go to Best Buy and buy Computer
8. Vacuum Stairs
9. Set up new system
10. Dye hair
11. Test new system
12. Find more of MY FLOOR to VV???
14. Start Pantry in Garage

***not bad for a day's work...I also gave [ profile] trinshadow a run at being the driver today!!**

my feet hurt and I'm tired...I can go to bed now yes???
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1. Coffee/Breakfast
2. Load and prep crockpot for supper
3. Put away laundry bits
4. Drop Lee at church
5. Shower/ Dress
6. Review finances/budget
6b. Measure Kat!!
7. Go to Best Buy and buy Computer
8. Vacuum Stairs
9. Set up new system
10. Dye hair
11. Test new system
12. Find more of MY FLOOR to VV???
14. Start Pantry in Garage
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Consier me absent for 2.5 weeks from LJ and send me anything  I should now.

More co-herent "state of the sharifah" update ths weekend.... for now, the Imovine wins!!!!

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I have a U-Haul here with stuff in it...

I need hands to get stuff out of it!!

I also have Shephards Pie (made with meat) and Chilli (made without me) in exchange for services rendered.

The more bodies the better!! Please...
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get the license plate of the semi-tractor trailer that mowed me down about 6:30 tonight....

EVERY muscle in my body is aching, I have a fever (or as K put it..."mommy, you're skin is hot, mine isn't), my throat is so sore I can barely swallow....

I SO need to be able to function tomorrow... I have 5 families to see...And it's a PA day...AND I still have court papers to sign and have filed before 4:30pm....

PLEASE...just get me through tomorrow, and when I come home, I can safely die for 24 hrs...

(if I ask nicely maybe the dishes fairy will pop in and unload my dishwasher so I can start again.)


Oct. 21st, 2007 04:46 pm
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Cat's box...domed... My cats won't go into it.
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My 8:30 am appointment for this morning cancelled yesterday afternoon.

I slept through my alarm (listening to it but not moving)....the child beside also was sleeping peacefully.

We cuddled and stayed in bed. I have comp time I have to use up... and a slow start like this today.... helps.

The last few days of work have been....difficult...

Tonight, the plan is to move the remainder of "my stuff" out of the basement. I'd love company and hands if anyone wants to come by... I'll even consider feeding you!!!
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Other than the costs to repair my car (OUCH), maybe missing BENT wasn't all that bad.
I got my butt in gear and with some surprising assistance got some stuff done.


Bookcases moved up to my room
room re-arranged (again)
couches relocated
Sweep & mop L/R
swish & swipe upstairs Bathroom
re-arranged Living Room
Put pictures on the wall
futon gone
laundry done
garage re-organized
deck chairs to the shed

as well as an early supper, hang out time with the guuurrrrls, and phone time with [profile] shadoridr, and email assistance sent off.

Now I'm off to snuggle my kidlet who's curled up in my bed.

Tomorrow brings (hopefully)
more laundry
race track
family visit

Getting stuff DONE = less stressed


Oct. 13th, 2007 12:00 pm
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One couch of SLOTH

Very cushy...ugly... Couch Cusions need new covers made for them!!!!

First come and get, first HAVE.... SOON.

Contact info on my stalk me page.


Oct. 13th, 2007 10:52 am
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[ profile] lovecraftienne call me please. You can come for the Futon anytime today pretty much...possibly tomorrow. Contact info on my stalk me page.

[ profile] much_ado, same same. LP's are here. Call me when you are enroute from TO and perhaps we can connect to get these to you.

Dead cars aren't always a bad thing. Getting stuff done instead.


Sep. 23rd, 2007 07:07 pm
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Will drain the life out of you. That's all there is to it.

Now granted, there is stuff here that I like and want to keep...but there's lots that I've only kept around cause I attributed it as "[ profile] zagatto's". Now that he's pulling his stuff from the house, I'm finding there's more and more I want to get rid of.

Papers, toys, games, movies, little pieces of things that I don't even remember what they belonged to.

My daughter has too many clothes and too many toys, and I find myself irritated when I try to sort through things with her and have her decide what to get rid of. She becomes instantly attached to things she hasn't touched in months...swearing it's her favourite and I can't get rid of it.

I wonder where she got that from....

If there's anyone who really LIKES thinning things and getting rid of stuff who has time to kill in the evenings...gimme a shout!!!


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