Dec. 7th, 2008 11:41 am
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It's cold out there...and shoveling when the snow is blowing it back where I just shoveled it away frustrating...

It's cold. It's blowy. And I have a list as long as my arm!


Jun. 8th, 2008 08:01 pm
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Discovered just how STUPID I can be with 48 hrs of NO SLEEP.

Family of Origin lessons:
1.  I come by my obnoxious, tease people you don't know behaviour from MY AUNTS
2.  My dad will never get over my mother
3. My cousins don't see the alcohol issues in the family unless you POINT IT OUT... then the lightbulb goes on!
4.  Not all my cousins are hard to talk go
5.  Dancing with my Aunt Grace can be FUN
6.  It's good to know when to walk away
7.  My Aunt Jeannie has TACT but...agrees with me most of the time...
8.  People need CELL PHONES

Me stuff:
I miss the country.  Driving through the country was relaxing and awe-inspiring.  Abandoned farm houses, make me want to claim them and take love and laughter back inside them.  Rural yard sales ARE THE BEST.  Mudcats are a type of catfish, but really just an excuse to party.
I like vodka, cranberry & OJ.  I can sneak OUT the vodka and everybody thinks I'm still drinking!!  Don't go to weddings in the mood to find a booty call!!

Spent today at University Downs Neighbourhood Associations Party in the Park. Had a great time working with the book table.  Got too much sun.  Met the PERFECT man....  (no I didn't ask for his phone number!! and didn't offer mine)... I'd rather not find out I'm not his perfect woman!!!
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I was away to Port Colbourne yesterday for a funeral. Good talks with my cousin, saw unexpected people, and quiet time with family.

Today I'm working from home. Going to delay my drive to TO as long as I can...and wait and see what this weather intends to do.

Getting tired of not sleeping and being restless at night. Doing lots of late night reading on topics....interesting and challenging...

Off to make calls for work and "fill" my dayplanner for NEXT week.
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That's what's got me up...

Though the sunburn is a likely culprit too.

I'm hot, tired, and not happy in my own skin....

yuck...just RAIN already!!
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The neighbour came by as I was trying to clear out the end of the driveway and INSISTED that if I didn't move Joe's car today, he'd kill me.

EDIT: not a prick...just concerned about Joe's car!! JOE would kill me guys, not the neighbour!!!

Thus, with lots of back breaking labour, a wooden plank, the help of 2 big strapping male neighbour (both married and likely monogamous), the Orolla has been moved.

The plan is to drive it this weekend to cycle the gas through it. and Allow the driveway time to thaw and "widen" again.

The bottle of RED is being officially opened tonight if for no other reason than to convince my shoulders that they can relax again.
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The weather sucks, I'm only recording anyhow...

I can do that here...

Do I DRIVE to Guelph or DO I call and stay home....

It's much safer here... I don't like what I'm hearing about the roads, and I don't like what I see outside.

GAH... I'm gonna call and work from home.
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They suck people.

I generally LIKE driving in this...not so much today.

It's coming down so fast, the plows can't keep up. If you are not home, GET THERE safely...

If you are...STAY PUT.

I've shovelled at least 1 foot out of my driveway already and it's still piling up. whew....


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