May. 27th, 2009 02:05 pm
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School called today...K had fallen asleep at her desk!  They wanted me to come and get her.

I was on emergencies at the office!!

Shuffled life, picked up child, and came home!

Without a word, she took herself up to my bed and slept for 2.5 hrs.  She's up now, with a fever of 101.6, and a headache, sore throat and general muscle aches.... FABULOUS! (insert sarcasm here)

p.s. I love my house cleaner (keeper) clean?  LOL

Kid Tales

Jan. 8th, 2009 08:22 pm
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Some days I wish I had a running digital recording of conversations that I have with my daughter. 

This morning when I picked her up, the babysitter said that K had gotten into her makeup earlier in the week and lied about it.  Now I recall one morning this week where she'd put some of my lipstick on before we left in the morning and I didn't make her take it off (I'm not a makeup nazi for kids.)  Anyway, it's my belief (NOW) that this was the same morning.

Turns out, the sitter believed that K got into her makeup and questioned her about it.  K was absolutely adament that it wasn't the sitter's makeup, but she didn't believe K.  I told her I'd talk it over with K (this was on the heels of a couple other things of note btw).

SO..I arrive after work, K comes to the car, and I tell her to get in.  She rolls her eyes at me, and says "you wanna talk about something."  I laughed and said, "why yes I do.  What do you think I want to talk about?"  She says' Dinner!"  I say..." get in."  She gets in.  ***I tell her I think she's a smart cookie.  She asks why and I said "because you KNOW that this is a good time for us to talk and this is when mommy likes to talk to you about stuff."  She says "I KNOW".  So I ask her again, what do you think I want to talk to you about.  I don't know she says.  I say that the sitter & I talked this morning.  She says ...OOOH....
I ask again, what do I want to talk about...she says...MAKEUP.

I laughed...I asked her to tell me about it.  K insists!!!  that it wan't the sitter's makeup and that it was mine.  She even got me the lipstick to show me which one she used.  We agreed that the best way to avoid her being accused of getting into the sitters makeup/perfume was to STAY OUT OF MINE. and that on special occasions I'd let her use my stuff (I'm not freaky about kids/makeup).  She thought that would work, but reminded me that it wasn't HER fault that the sitter wasn't paying attention when she arrived with it on, "she's older, she should know."  I couldn't fault her on that one!!

We had a fabulous talk tonight.  About all of the issues that had been brought up this morning, while we made supper and giggled and laughed.  Turns out, my daughter picks on the boy she likes, by knocking his hat off and throwing snow at him....

mmm....mmmm  the apple doesn't fall from the tree..

But I'd really love to record those conversations and chats..they are the moments, where I wonder if I'm doing good by her...or bad.  What will they look like to her therapist in 20 years?

She talks to me about wanting to buy a puppy when she grows up, then tells me the kind she wants is the one she "wouldn't put down at T's house!"  When I told her that puppy would be all grown up by the time she could buy it, she was sad.

I told her my co-worker T, loved going shopping with her last week, and she tells me that she'll go again "anytime, it was fun."

I've been dressing better this week.  Doing my hair and makeup in the morning.  Today EVERYONE at work commented to the point, that I asked T, how bad have I really been?  I knew I was in trouble when she asked if I really wanted her to answer that.  mmmmm... When I commented to K (who has asked me every morning "do you have court today mommy") that I was looking better, she said...ummmmm...NOPE.

Little rat, is trying to train me, to LOOK at her when she answers me and says something.  If I don't and miss it, I get SOUNDLY reminded that "I had the grin on my face MOOM.MMM... I'm just KIDDING."  She says "nope," and is grinning like  a cheshire cat!!

All personality...and then some!! 

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Kat is sick.  She's got a fever, was up all night coughing and is generally lethargic.
She was quite content to stay home today watching videos, until I gave her some medication and sent her up to bed.
The medication worked.  When she realized I was not letting her come back down until she had a nap, she got dressed, came down and packed her lunch and insisted she was all better and was going to school.

No matter what I said.  She was going.  I reminded her, she can't be at school with a fever.  She was going.  SO out to the car she went and buckled in.  I went to the car and tried to talk some sense into her.


As a result.  She got OUT of the car, and began running up the street yelling, "I'm GOING TO SCHOOL." Apparantly there is some kind of celebration today that she did not want to miss out on.  After thinking for a minute.  I got the car, pulled in front of her, and told her to get in.  She said she would if I'd take her to school.

I agreed to take her to school. But told her that we would talk to the people at the office and if THEY said she could stay, fine, but if they said she was too sick to be there because of her fever, she had to come home.  She agreed.  So off we went.

The staff were FABULOUS with her.  Told her why they had that rule, and how hard it is to work when your body doesn't feel well, and that it's better to be home for one day, than several days.  One person (I think either the Principal or VP) went to the classroom to find out about the celebration she was missing.  Then came back and said that they would try to arrange another celebration when she was back at school and all better.

I was pleased to hear the staff say the same things I'd been saying.  How wonderful it is that school is important and that she wants so badly to be there, how important it is to just relax and take care of herself, sleep, rest and eat well.

MAN...I can't even imagine having tried that with my mother.  Yet, my kidlet is SO independant, I had to call in reinforcements!!!

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These words simply do not go well together.

K crawled in bed with me at some ungodly hour...then spent the remainder of the night saying "stop it mom" every time I dozed off enough to start to snore...

I took my imovaine last night.... I feel like it's still in effect!!
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I've slept on and off all day, much to the joy of K who indulged in "Magic Schoolbus" among other things.  Including heading outside to play with the neighbour while mommy slept.

Can you say "lack of supervision"?

[personal profile] persephoneplace brought me more drugs at lunch time.  Hurray for Neo-Citran!!

My skin is damp and sweaty and for this second I feel like the fever could be broken.  Wish me luck.

Sick Day??

Jun. 11th, 2007 05:54 am
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2 doses of Neo-Citran last night to get me any sleep at all.

Throat STILL feels terrible, but I can move.  Perhaps a hot shower, then I'll decide. 

Responsible me, says "don't take the virus to work" on the one hand, the other says "have work to do".  I don't believe there is anything on my dayplanner for the day other than unscheduled Home visits to track down my avoiders.

I think it's a shower, then back to bed day.  Someone want to come be the parent?

Rough Day

Jun. 10th, 2007 09:29 pm
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Plans last night got cancelled because of emotional meltdown child's request to "just go home."  So we did.

Today, I understand where she was at.  This is one of those days where someone else simply needs to be the parent.  Between the Plan B I had to take, and this cold that's settling in, I have felt like H-E double L all day.  K & I have had some significant meltdowns together, most ending with us crying on separate floors until we can again be reasonable with each other.

My throat is sore, my muscles have the BAD ACHE of a virus settling into them and ALL of them are sore with it.  I'm emotional and cranky, and just told my dad about the big D.

Damn.  I am SO not going to work tomorrow if I feel like this.

Taking my sorry butt to bed, and we'll see what the sunrise brings.
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says )

Uh HUH....

Can you say "EARLY BEDTIME"... I KNEEEWWWWW you could.
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and I mean to be one. )

tee hee

Aug. 11th, 2005 06:14 pm
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sharifah's LJ stalker is hollygoth!
hollygoth is stalking you because you got better results for the 'acronym' thing than them. They are also prank calling you regularly!

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Parentlink: This is a public health organization of Mom's who get together with their babies. I started going when Katina was about 6mths old. Now she's 3 years old. And tonight I am going out with those mom's for drinks. We get together about one time per season to compare notes and check in on our sanity!!!


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